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Gifts for a dad: 10 ideas

Whether you are more comfortable giving presents than receiving them or vice versa, you would hardly disagree that there are certain gifts that hit the spot right away. What makes those gifts special? You might agree that it is a combination of a thoughtfulness of the giver, his or her personal relation to you that add an emotional aspect to the present itself, as well as a perfect timing: it might have been a lucky guess on their side but you had been looking forward to buying that amazing thing yourself. And the list of the perfect gift characteristics goes on and on.

Certainly, there are people with hobbies that are heavily marketed, and in these cases, you are all set and you don’t need this article. But if you are still reading this, then we will try to help you as much as we can. What if you are on a giving side and, while most likely intuitively knowing at least some of the ingredients that make up a great present, still feel like you need guidance and help every time? What if you are looking for a present for your dad and over the years have exhausted your source of inspiration for presents?

A multi-purpose gift is the best gift

We have good news, however: there is a way to come up with unique gifts for your dad every time, be that Christmas or gifts for your dad’s birthday. The key is to make this gift multi-purpose. Multi-purpose gifts will not just be put aside and collect dust on shelves for years but will be used again and again and will be bringing joy to their owners. We can see you asking: wait, what price bracket are we talking about right now? There are certain types of presents that will follow this rule but will not be a TV or a lawn-mover.  You can certainly give these to your dad some other time when you are not looking to truly impress him.

Smart toys like puzzles are a multi-purpose gift that will introduce your dad to a new hobby. Sure the traditional useful gifts that have just been mentioned above are great, but they will never bring your dad as much joy as a newly acquired hobby will. Smart puzzle sets can be assembled on one’s own or with family and friends, and that provides our brain with the essential workout it needs to stay healthy, improve our memory and problem-solving skills while supporting us on an emotional level as well. Puzzles have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety due to the fact that they give us a sense of achievement that strengthens our self-esteem and self-assurance.

But jigsaw puzzles are believed to be originating from the 1760s, and even though they were a number 1 family entertainment during the Great Depression with millions of them being sold annually, they are hardly a match to other entertaining and multi-purpose gifts. This is where smart 3D puzzles come into the picture. Being a mixture of the good old jigsaw puzzles that we all know and love, construction sets, and scale models, wooden 3D puzzles from UGears are a new and unique approach to the issue of finding gifts for daddy that are here to stay.

A guide to your dad’s new hobby by UGears

All UGears 3D puzzle sets are made from eco-friendly and 100% -natural high-grade plywood and feature moving elements that illustrate the laws of mechanics. All sets are divided into 3 groups by assembly difficulty level and their parts come pre-cut, so all your dad has to do is to gently push them from their wooden frames. Puzzle pieces are joined together without the use of glue and any other special tools which makes the assembly process particularly enjoyable, as it lets the person focus entirely on the manual.

Once assembled, UGears 3D puzzles turn into stylish elements of décor or become unique mechanical toys with a recognizable signature design with a high level of detail and powerful and fully-functioning mechanical elements.

Take a look at these 10 gift ideas for dads and find the perfect one.

  1. Transport. Dads that like transport are getting a special treat as most of UGears sets are dedicated to transportation devices. If your dad is into boats, the two ideal sets for him, depending on his experience with construction sets and scale models, would be the UGears Tugboat and the UGears Trimaran Merihobus. The Tugboat would be perfect for someone who has never previously worked with 3D puzzles or construction sets. This set within an ‘Easy’ category is, however, quite exciting to assemble and it has some unique features, such as, for example, asymmetrical wheels that imitate the rocking-on-the-waves motion as it is moving forward and the pendulum inside that makes a noise similar to the humming of a real diesel engine. As you might guess from the name, the Trimaran Merihobus is a more challenging puzzle set that is marked ‘Hard’ and takes between 9 and 16 hours to assemble! This set features traditional sailing vessel’s details, such as bulkheads, beams, and frames. To add more realism to this stunning miniature yacht, UGears engineers have included an automatic-tensioning mechanism for anchor dropping and sail booms that can be easily operated with a lever that pulls the sheet of the boom.

The UGears Locomotive and Rails is one of the several sets for train enthusiasts. It is not a set for beginners and is marked ‘Intermediate’, as its assembly time is between 4 and 8 hours. The Locomotive set features 13ft of tracks, a crossing point with a stop sign and gates, and an elegant reproduction of a 19th-century European rail station with a clock, lamp posts and a bench.

  1. History. If your dad loves iconic vehicles, he would surely appreciate the UGears Dream Cabriolet VM-05. This immaculately detailed set for vintage cars lovers features an exquisite exterior and a number of moving elements that make this set absolutely fascinating: from moving windshield wipers, trunk and hood, and doors to reclining seats and a fully-operational steering wheel! Add a self-propelled V-8 configuration engine on top of all that to complete this picture-perfect set.

The UGears Antique Box could become a great gift for dad from daughter as it is an elegant tribute to the Victorian-era cabinets with secret compartments. The Box features beautiful carvings on its exterior and 8 inner compartments that smoothly slide from underneath each other.

  1. Board games. Fans of tabletop RPGs would be glad to get puzzle sets from the UGears board games accessories series. The UGears Card Holder is a smart way to keep valuable cards both during the game in an ergonomic staircase making them easily accessible and between the games as they are safely stored inside this fantasy-style box that is no bigger than a book.
  2. Sci-fi and technology. The UGears Mechanoid Horse is great gift for dads that are into technology. Powered by a rubber-band mechanism, connected to the movable elements, its smooth movements are provided by a pendulum that is located in the Mechanoid’s chest. Another interesting item in this category is the UGears Monowheel. Inspired by transportation device prototypes from 1930s this unique set operates in two modes and can travel for up to 13 feet in a single setting.
  3. Stylish accessories. The UGears Timer and the UGears Steampunk Clock sets are great for dads that would be glad to decorate their study or office with something they made with their own hands. Both sets have a striking appearance with moving gears, a swinging pendulum and moving clock hands combined with whimsical wooden ornaments.
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