UGears Mechanical Town Series

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Mechanical town by UGears

Miniature cities have long been an object of passion for many collectors and miniature model lovers. Historians note the 19th century as the starting point when miniature parks, that would feature miniature models of either existent or fictional houses gained worldwide popularity and started attracting tourists. But evidence suggests that the miniature architecture obsession started even earlier than that. And while in the past luxurious dollhouses could only have been afforded by the upper class or were used strictly within the boundaries of professional needs, with architects starting their projects with creating miniature copies of the buildings first, or army generals creating a vantage point with the help of miniature battlefields, nowadays miniature houses are very accessible and much fun.

Needless to say, that whether you are looking for a gift for a boy or a girl, an adult family member or a colleague, or just browsing for a special something for yourself, a miniature town is so universal you don’t have to worry about any of the typical characteristics that might be driving you crazy whenever you have to pick a gift. A wooden city by UGears is a new word in the world of miniatures. Suitable for both people that are new to the hobby, due to an extremely easy assembly process compared to the traditional miniature town kits that are sold nowadays, and to experts in the field thanks to some bonus features that typical miniature sets lack.

A miniature city that moves!

3D puzzle sets from the UGears Mechanical Town series have all the rights to stand out among their peers. Consisting of 196 to 598 parts, these sets of miniature town elements, are ranging from an ‘Easy’ to ‘Hard’ assembly levels but are extremely pleasant to work with. All due to the fact that each part is pre-cut and only requires a little pressure to get out of its frame and is made from 100% natural high-grade plywood, which is very nice to the touch and fills the room with a pleasant wooden aroma at the very moment you open the box.  In addition, neither of the sets by UGears requires the use of special tools or glue at any stage of its assembly. Each part is joined with another much more like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, making the assembly process stress-free and accessible for all ages. This is what makes the UGears town series a great pastime activity for both groups of friends and family or individual assembly.

The bonus features that we mentioned earlier are the mechanic elements that are present in every set and that not only bring life to your miniature town, but also can become a great hands-on illustration of some of the basic laws of physics for the younger fans of miniature architecture.

Some of the best sets in the UGears mechanical town collection include a UGears Robot Factory with an assembly line that is controlled by a wind-up mechanism, while the main block is powered by a Geneva drive; a UGears Rail Manipulator that can be adjusted to make a 180-degree turn in the loading mode, while its claw’s operation is as precise and as technically correct as the work of its prototypes:  cranes, excavators, robotic arms, and etc..

Miniature mechanical transport

A large part of the miniature enthusiasts also enjoy trains, and this is why the Mechanical Town series features several 3D puzzle sets united by this theme. The UGears Rails is the easiest set to assemble and features 13 feet of railway tracks, a stop sign, and lever-controlled raising and lowering gates. The UGears Railway Platform set requires a slightly longer assembly time, which is totally worth it for this wonderful 19th-century railway station with a clock, lamp post, and a bench. This set also has a secret, a hidden drawer underneath the platform that is unlocked with the turn of one of the lamp posts. The UGears Locomotive and Rails set is a great reminder of the great past of train engineering, as its key element, the Locomotive, features a beautiful moving copy of a steam engine that is openly displayed through the body of the train, allowing everyone to enjoy the fascinating work of all its parts in action.

The very first set from the UGears  Mechanical Town series was the  Tram Line model that is not only an elegant set with a mass of intricate details, such as, for example, a beautifully carved Victorian-era-styled footbridge over the tram tracks, but is also a great setting for an exciting love or detective story to take place. Much like the UGears Robot Factory set, this Tram Line one includes little figurines of people: a lady with an umbrella, a man on a horse, a newsboy, an ice-cream seller, a gentleman, a man with a newspaper, and a factory worker. Such an interesting caboodle is sure to spark up your imagination and set the Tram station alive with the tales of mystery or betrayal. The tram itself comes to life with the help of a very prosaic but smart device – a rubber band motor that sets it flying along the rails. Even more realism is added thanks to a number of moving parts, such as a turntable at the tram depot, opening doors of a tram, and all the moving gears that are magically set in motion as the tram takes off.

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