UGears Coloring Models Series

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Let your children explore their creativity with UGears Coloring Models series

UGears 3d puzzle sets are a fun way to spend your free time with your friends or loved ones, as well as some quality time by yourself, putting your thinking cap on and assembling some smart and complex mechanism or working on a beautiful element of décor for your room or office. UGears’ signature all-natural wooden 3D puzzle parts made of high-quality plywood are connected together using the same principle as jigsaws, do not require any extra tools and are nature-friendly, which makes each set extremely pleasant to the touch and a delight to work with. These are the two essential features to look for in great gifts for younger children.

If you are a big fan of wooden 3D puzzles, but your child cannot yet join you at the table to help build your favorite sets, we are quite happy to announce that there is a colorful solution to this problem. It might be too early for 5-year olds to start exploring a fascinating world of mechanics with the most popular sets by UGears, but it is never too early for the little explorers to start building wooden sets of their own with our Coloring Models series. Wooden construction for kids gets even more thrilling when they are allowed to paint their creations after assembly. In addition, just like their elder brothers, wooden puzzles for babies feature moving parts, which brings even more joy into each game while at the same time helping children make the most of their time by learning to understand the basic mechanic principles.

Key features and coloring process

Each Coloring Models set features up to 8 parts that are pre-cut and only require slight pressure to be taken out of their wooden frames, and then they are ready to be put together with the help of a few component pins. Note that a parent’s help might be required at this stage, as adults can demonstrate to children how much pressure is required for each part.

Children’s wooden puzzles in the Coloring Models series are suitable for all ages starting from 5 years old, while the estimated assembly time for most sets in the series is around 20 minutes, which is just enough time for your little one not to lose interest and promptly switch to the best part – the painting process. The latter could take up to 2 hours, and as there are no restrictions on which colors to use and in which order, the process can be as creative as the child wishes, and can, of course, involve help and directions from adults, making this time spend together precious and special, as in the end, you will be getting a beautiful wooden toy that your child made and that you worked on together.

And after children start to feel comfortable with the assembly of these small models they can move on to the larger sets, gradually expanding their knowledge about the outside world, as they are expanding their wooden puzzles collection in which each showcase has a story of its creation and is made with their own hands.

While the coloring tools are not included in the sets, UGears’ children’s’ wooden puzzles can be brought to life with a wide range of materials, including acrylic and watercolor paints, markers, and even colored pencils. Coloring wooden models is a great way to teach children about the variety of ways different paints behave on certain surfaces, find the differences between wood and paper acting as canvas, as well as note the specific techniques of painting 3D objects. This will move the child’s focus from only painting on paper and help him expand his creative abilities beyond the traditional coloring book experience.

Main themes of the sets and the educational value

Natural materials, pleasant well-rounded shapes and familiar motives are what makes these wooden puzzles for kids so appealing. Each set in the UGears Coloring Models series has a theme that makes it ready to become a colorful element of decor for a kid’s room as well as a powerful incentive for young imagination. The sets feature transport, animals, and toys, all of which are 100% eco-friendly, are made of natural wood and are split into groups by theme.

Coloring Models sets are sold in kits, each consisting of five toys. Our catalog features two transport sets, that celebrate movement in its variety, starting from kittens and puppies on skateboards and up to brave knights and space rockets. The unisex sets may look like miniature wooden copies of popular toys at first glance, but let’s not forget about the moving parts that add a special twist to each character and object in this little collection and turn each 3D puzzle into a great educational toy. Mechanical Coloring Models sets feature a tiny sailboat with a turning steering wheel that is rocking on waves, a windmill with a moving water wheel and rotating wings, a working clock with an open mechanism, a merry-go-round that is a hands-on demonstration of a roller bearing working principle and many others. Kids would be delighted to make a cute bear cub picking chords on a guitar with his paw or a helicopter with a rotating three-blade propeller themselves or helping their siblings learn together with them.

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