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    Leading wooden 3d puzzles manufacturer

    UGears is an undisputed market leader in the mechanical wooden puzzle segment due to the models’ unique design and elegant mechanical features that create movement.


    Made from natural wood

    UGears produces high-quality models made of natural wood. The product line is being constantly updated with new items.


    A product that sells itself

    UGears – visual and intellectual delight, certain to grab and hold the attention of passers-by, impulse buyers, and motivated shoppers alike.

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    We create special terms and conditions of cooperation for each partner

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    Introducing Hurdy-Gurdy, UGears newest creation that is completely different from all the previous models. It’s not a vehicle, or it is a nifty knickknack, or even a mini town. Hurdy-Gurdy is the actual string musical instrument: The world’s first wooden fully-functioning mechanical model that is all-in-one, a model for assembly, a puzzle, a toy and a completely functioning musical instrument. The idea of creating Hurdy-Gurdy takes us back to 16th century France, where this organistrum started its journey

    Complete your set:

    UGears Combination Lock, UGears Date Navigator, UGears Flower, UGears Mechanical Etui Box

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