Loyalty program

Want more of Ugears for less?

This is how our Loyalty Program works:

Get a 7% discount on any Ugears purchase by accumulating 1000 points.

How to get points:

  • 100 points when you register on our website.
  • 50 points when you share our page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (50 points each, so if you post on 2 of these, 100 points are yours).
  • 50 points if you subscribe to our youtube channel.

Get your friends to use a unique promo code. They will get a small discount and you will get 200 more points for each purchase when someone uses your promo code.

Every dollar you spend on Ugears models is worth 10 points.

After the coveted 1000 points are accumulated, we will email you a certificate that can be used to apply the discount.

Good luck!