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Ugears STEM lab Random Generator Wooden 3D Model 147155
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Ugears STEM lab Random Generator

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Ever flip a coin to decide whose turn it was to do this or that? If your answer was yes, you may also be familiar with the probability theory and its implications!

Ugears came up with an alternate approach to the traditional coin idea, the one which is fun, elegant and educationally beneficial at the same time! Ugears STEM lab Random Generator will now be your ultimate arbiter in issues like who does the shopping, gives your dog a wash or cooks breakfast (and any other situation in which a compromise is not easily reached)!

The Random Generator, as the name suggests, is a mechanism that produces random numbers and therefore different results based on the theory of probability.

Ugears STEM lab mechanical models are always fun and educational. Unpack the box to construct, gain knowledge, and make your discoveries!

The contents include:

  • Wooden pre-cut ecological plywood parts. No glue or extra tools are required.
  • Easy-to-follow user-friendly color manual.
  • Practical lab problems which you can use this model for.
  • QR-code with which you will download the model pocket study guide. It features the description of its mechanism and its operation, key characteristics, formulas, and engaging practical challenges.
  • QR-code for downloading of the AR-application, an innovative method to discover more exciting things in the world of science
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How Ugears STEM lab Random Generator Works

A cube with an octahedron inside is the main element of the Random Generator. It also features a metal ball which provides weight. This structure is put in motion by a manually initiated rack-and-gear drive which provides energy through a driven gear, which rotates a three-axle gear. With all of these in place, the cube is ready for a bit of magic! Studying of the main structure reveals the physics behind the ‘magic’, though. Here is what an inquisitive eye can find.

The octahedron vertices and the cube sides are congruent. When the energy of the system ceases to move it further, gravity pulls the metal ball to the bottom of the octahedron and it pulls down one of the octahedron’s vertices. The cube rotates with the octahedron with one if its sides inevitably facing the top of the structure (and providing you with that sought-after answer to your query!)

Every side of the cube has potentially life-altering messages (i.e. “YES” or “TRY AGAIN”) and, based on the mechanics of the freely-rotating octahedron and the number of its vertexes, the probability of getting one or the other answer is 1/6!

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Ugears - NATURAL - Made of woo

Made of wood


Assembling without glue and chemicals


Details are already cut and ready to assemble

Ugears - MECHANICAL - The models produce motion

The models produce motion

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