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Ugears STEM lab Curvimeter

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Whether you are planning a cross-country bike ride or a hiking trip with your mates, trying to measure your forest jogging route or simply curious about how a real distance-measuring tool works, the new ‘Curvimeter’ STEM lab model from Ugears will satisfy all of these urges!

It comes in handy specifically when the lines which need to be measured are curved rather than straight (hence, the name) and a regular ruler is of no use. Before the birth of the internet and all the modern gadgets, it was the only reliable way to measure the distance on the map. You can feel the spirit of those times when you assemble your own curvimeter and put it to good use!

Although the first person to patent the device was Edward Russel Morris (in 1873), the issue of who the original invention belongs to is still viewed differently by various nations. Some attribute it to the prominent Russian mathematician Mykhailo Lomonosov, others claim that Zhāng Héng of the Chinese empire was the one. Certain sources suggest yet another locale – Rome – and a much earlier date of 23 BC, when a certain Virtuvius, an engineer by trade, mentioned a device greatly resembling its later versions.

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How Ugears STEM lab Curvimeter Works

The fully assembled curvimeter features a measuring wheel, a clock face and a hand. When you want to measure the length of any curved line, you need to put the device at the beginning of the line and move the wheel along it. As the wheel rotates, it puts the hand in motion. The hand moves around the face, just like it does in a clock, however the markings on the face are those relating to distance (inches, cm, etc.) – so in order to understand the actual distance you will just need to perform a simple multiplication, applying the map scale to your newly measured line length.Your learning experience will be enhanced with the help of the AR app developed by Ugears. The model also features a QR code with tons of useful information about the device, operating principles, formulas and practical assignments.

The model is suited for a variety of ages and is a perfect combination of practicing science in a fun and engaging way. Like in all Ugears models, it comes with a detailed color assembly manual. Laser pre-cut parts made of high-quality plywood require no glue or extra tools for assembly.

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Dimensions: 8.1 × 7.4 × 2.5 in

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HOW TO MAKE Ugears STEM lab Curvimeter

pdf-instruction-ugears-models-us PDF Instruction

Ugears - NATURAL - Made of woo

Made of wood


Assembling without glue and chemicals


Details are already cut and ready to assemble

Ugears - MECHANICAL - The models produce motion

The models produce motion

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    We were at one of these fancy souvenir stores and my husband got excited about this device he used to use in his boyscout camping days. So we got that and ended up giving it to our teenage daughter. She assembled it on her own, but we saw it happen - and it was much better than we\'d expected!
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