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It doesn’t take a lot to tell you that finding the perfect gift for men is a task that requires good imagination. Chances are, if you’re reading this page right now, he already has all the essentials, clothes, and beaty gadgets.

When we want to make a gift for a son, father, husband or friend we want to emphasize the best qualities of this person. A love of trains, ships and space travel grows in every man from childhood. Men love engineering, woodworking and beautiful car design.

Our models cover all the favorite male hobbies and can please them at any age. For this reason, we decided to collect for you the best Ugears models that could be the perfect gift for him.

SKY WATCHER TOURBILLON TABLE CLOCK is an unforgettable clock. It will be a pretty piece of decor. It’s also a great gift idea. Give this DIY kit to your darling people and present them with a wonderful challenge, which can help to show themselves and their creativity.

AERO WALL CLOCK is a wooden fully functioning clock that shows an accurate time and is also a symbol of precise engineering.

WINDSTORM DRAGON is a symbol of magnificence and power. The original design and unique parts will pleasantly surprise him.

HEXAPOD EXPLORER is a wooden spider. It doesn’t have any electronic components. This ‘spider’ can move at different speeds, depending on your wish!

V-EXPRESS STEAM TRAIN WITH TENDER is the main symbol of the Industrial Revolution which reflects all the beauty and magnificence of that period.

STEAM LOCOMOTIVE uses all the technical solutions that we have used in our previous models, and much more. Looks realistic and unique at the same time.

DRIFT COBRA RACING CAR is your dream two-seat convertible! However, the signature feature of the model is the ability to drift! Undoubtedly, it is a great way to flex your mind after some difficult working days.

The ROADSTER VM-01 returns to a beloved classic with an exquisitely elegant and vibrant look. The unique charisma of the model lies both in its outstanding technical characteristics and in the detailed realistic retro design.

DREAM CABRIOLET VM-05 invites you to the atmosphere of the previous century. It is Ugears’ highly detailed and extremely realistic tribute to the 1950s automotive industry highlights.

HEAVY BOY TRUCK VM-03 shows you the romance of the road and the might of a large and fast automobile.

MARBLE RUN CHAIN HOIST AND STEPPED HOIST is the best way to immerse the whole family in the assembly. Tracks, beautiful marbles, and complex obstacles hypnotize you so much, that it is hard to turn away.

AUTOMATON CYCLIST is a beautifully designed and carved model that shows our appreciation of the sport of cycling and those who practice it.

SCRAMBLER UGR-10 WITH SIDECAR is just like a real-life bike. The model is not only fast but very steady due to a fork and pendulum suspension on both front and back wheels. The realistic retro design is completed with a clever imitation of a fully animated opposed cylinder’s engine.

GLOBUS is a stylized model of Earth with two sets of decorative continents, a rotating mechanism, and curious little extras that make the model even more interesting.

AVIATOR is the first-ever aircraft model from Ugears. It is shown as a flight control tower with two aircraft: an airplane and a helicopter.  

COMBINE HARVESTER is a model that fully demonstrates the marvels of mechanics. When the Harvester moves forward, the drum starts to rotate, as in a real prototype.

TRACTOR from UGEARS is a loud hello from the last century. No electronics, just plywood, a rubber band motor and lots of fun!

TUGBOAT is a functional machine with a certain twist that would make it both down to earth and interesting.

TRIMARAN MERIHOBUS invites you to leave the peaceful harbor and embark on an exciting marine mechanical adventure. The new mechanical stand model kit is designed to showcase many details such as winches, rigging and hulls, making it a very realistic miniature replica of real prototypes

RESEARCH VESSEL is inspired by classic science documentaries and biographies of famous marine explorers. This model embodies the power and beauty of today’s large icebreakers and research vessels. 

STAGECOACH is a model that will delight you and at the same time be able to withstand the challenges of the Wild West – if you decide to recreate this romantic period at home with your family.

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