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14 gifts for people who have everything

A universal gift for the lucky people in this category would be something that falls into most of these criteria:

1)      A multi-purpose gift. Someone who has everything can most likely buy anything he wants. This is where your gift has a chance to stand out by offering a different perspective. A good example would be a gift that a person can build with their own hands and then use as something else, like an elegant element of décor or a storage, or a toy, because there are many children who have everything as well.

2)      A smart gift. Smart gifts are always memorable. Intellectual gifts train our memory, improve our problem-solving skills, help children develop motor skills and spatial thinking, which will contribute to better academic results. Adults that engage in various brain exercises on a regular basis are less prone to early onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia. In addition, smart gifts give us that sense of accomplishment that is essential for healthy self-esteem and this our overall mental wellbeing and success. Gifts that can be used by groups of people promote the necessary teamwork and cooperation skills.

A smart gift for your friend who has everything is one of the best ways to show them how much you care as well as demonstrate your unique approach.

3)      A collectible gift. Collectibles are a perfect gift solution for everyone who can buy anything they want. A stylish and impressive collection is not only an ever-living source of pride for its owner but is also is a great rescuer for you whenever you need to look for another gift for them for each future occasion.

Wooden 3D puzzles from UGears tick all the three boxes above as they are construction sets for children and adults that are suitable for any age due to three difficulty levels and have a recognizable signature style that turns them into stylish elements of décor or toys once they are assembled. But most importantly, each puzzle set by UGears features moving parts and mechanical elements, from beautifully synchronized gears and levers to self-propelled rubber-band motors that allow some models to travel up to 13 feet!

To help you make your choice faster at all the sets UGears has to offer by category of the lucky people that will be getting these sets as presents.

Gifts for men that have everything

Men who have everything are hard to impress. This is why your choice should solely rely on how familiar this person is with mechanics and how astonishing the 3D puzzle set is going to look once assembled.

The UGears Tugboat and the UGears Bike VM-02 sets could make really good gifts for him who has everything but is not quite engineering savvy. These sets require 1 to 3 hours of pressure-free but exciting assembly time and consist of not more than 300 parts. The tugboat imitates the sound of a real diesel engine while also creating a rocking-on-the-waves motion, while the bike features a rubber band wind-up motor that allows it to travel for up to 9 feet in a single setting.

The UGears Steam Locomotive, however, could become the belle of the ball at an occasion of someone who is into trains, mechanics, and transportation devices history. An open design of the locomotive’s exterior allows the astonished audience to watch the fascinating work of asynchronous pistons and valves perfectly illustrating the work of a steam engine.

Gifts for women that have everything

When looking for gifts for a lady who has everything, the best way to start is to present her with something elegant that would look good in her office or living room.

One of this elegant sets would be the UGears Butterfly that is easy to assemble, that can be painted if desired (as it features two sets of wings to choose from), and that creates ultra-realistic movements. The UGears Steampunk Clock is something for more traditional ladies that would be glad to have something unique on their table. The unsynchronized clock hands that move independently from each other are accompanied by a stunning design with exposed gears and amazing details. Both these sets could be easily assembled within 1 to 3 hours

The intricately detailed UGears Treasure Box is for those ladies who like a bit of challenge. It could take from 4 to 8 hours to assemble this beautiful set, but as a result, you will get a Victorian-era-styled jewelry box with a secret lock and a smart mechanism that lets its cover slide open.

Gifts for kids that have everything

For children’s gifts you need to first look for a UGears set for a suitable age group and then investigate their interests.

Boys and girls that are into board games would certainly appreciate the UGears Modular Dice Tower or the UGears Deck Box sets that help young players keep their game tables organized, game accessories in check, and focus on the game process itself. The Dice Towers allows up to 4 players to store their dice in boxes that make up a fantasy-themed tower the purpose of which is to keep dice from flying off the table and to make the rolling of dice an even more exciting and dramatic moment.

The UGears Deck Box helps keep valuable cards in one place, safe and sound, and easy to carry around to the next game night gathering.

The UGears Combine Harvester would make a good gift for a boy who has everything but is only starting to get familiar with mechanics. Regardless of age, this harvester will bring joy to every child. It is set in motion in the same way as pullback cars and even features a rotating cutter board.

Among the best gifts for gifts for 7-year-old boys who have everything is the UGears Tractor which is a great way of introducing children to simple mechanical laws. Powered by a rubber-band motor, this set even features a transmission that can be switched between the “park”, “drive” and “sport” modes.

The UGears Monowheel is a great gift for a 9-year-old boy who has everything, as it is easy to assemble and is super-multi-functional. First of all, it doesn’t look like any other run-of-the-mill transportation device. Its two modes allow it to travel on its own using its self-propelled rubber-band motor and cover a distance of up to 13 feet on any firm surface. And yes, kids should absolutely take it outside.

The perfect gifts for 13 year old boy who has everything would include the astonishingly detailed UGears V-Express Steam Train with Tender, the ultra-realistic and powerful UGears Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 with the robust R6 engine, or the unbelievable UGears Horse Mechanoid that moves like a real quadruped and features a unique mechanism that allows it to move as smoothly and realistically as possible.

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