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Gifts for parents

The older your parents are the more times you have probably found yourself in that situation when you don’t know what to give to them as a present. Whether you are looking for Christmas gifts for your elderly parents or are looking for something special for another big date, the general rules can luckily be applied to any scenario.  Sure, some recipients are much easier to work with than others. People with hobbies that are very well marketed would certainly be on the top of that list. But even with them, let’s call them ‘easy recipients’, you would probably get bored after years and years of endless Star Wars mugs, tees, figurines, and so on and so forth.  The process of choosing gifts for mom and dad can be facilitated with the right approach and the right tools.

The first major adjustment that you need to make in order to please both the easy recipients and all the other types, is to make your gifts universal. Now, we are not talking about turning your presents for elderly parents into something basic, like bath and body sets, or, even worse, into practical presents, like warm socks or a gift voucher for an optometrist appointment. A truly universal gift is the one that won’t be put on a shelf and completely forgotten about a few hours after the festivities are over, moreover, your parents will want to come back again and again to a universal gift like that and, perhaps, it will even be mentioned in conversations your proud parents will have with their friends after the party.

Universal gift ideas for older parents

What makes a gift universal? Just like with many other things in life, it is a combination of various factors. First of all, a universal gift should be useful. And here we are returning to the aforementioned issue of practical gifts. There is a line between practical and useful gifts, as there is a difference between a pair of socks and a gift that would make you think or reignite your creative spark. Secondly, that gift should be something that not just one of your parents gets to enjoy. It could be something both your mom and dad could do together. They spend all that time together bringing up you and your sibling(s), and having a shared hobby would definitely give their long relationship a new twist. And finally, universal gifts for elderly parents could be collectibles. This will give your parents freedom to decide which item to get as a present next time or even get some of the parts of the collection themselves in case they don’t feel patient enough to wait for another occasion.

Universal gifts for parents from UGears

Wooden 3D puzzle sets from UGears fit all three requirements. Puzzles, brain teasers, and riddles are a perfect work out for our brain, as they improve our memory and brain processing speed. Limitless researches have found close ties between the love for riddles and delayed onset of dementia and the Alzheimer’s disease. They have also been found to improve our mood and overall wellbeing, providing us with a sense of achievement.

Gifts for parents increase in value if they can contribute to creating wonderful moments spent together. 3D puzzle sets can become an ideal accessory to a quiet evening in a pleasant company.

A single wooden construction set for adults can easily become a start to a large collection of means of transport from different epochs, elegant tabletop accessories for home or office, or even a personal miniature city!

Best parents gifts to start with

All UGears 3D puzzle sets are made from 100% natural high-grade plywood which makes them eco-friendly, extremely pleasant-to-the-touch, and contributes to their unique and exquisite signature look. Furthermore, neither of the sets require any additional tools, including glue, as each part comes pre-cut and only needs a bit of pressure to be taken out of its wooden frame.

But the key appeal of the UGears 3D puzzles lies in a mechanical element that is present in every set and allows it or its parts to move. For transport sets, for example, the most common detail like that would be a rubber-band motor that provides some vehicles with an ability to move as far as 13 feet! Whether you are looking for gifts for your elderly dad who used to be an engineer or not, most sets feature an open exterior that allows people that are not that familiar with mechanics to enjoy the fascinating work of gears, levers, and pistons.

All the UGears sets are split into 3 categories by levels of difficulty. Each comes with a manual with an estimated assembly time as well as the number of parts included to make your decision easier.

We would like to start our short introduction into 3D puzzle sets that can become ideal gifts for aging parents with the sets that are suitable for those parents who have no prior experience with model building. Such sets as the UGears Steampunk Clock with its immaculately carved body, exposed moving gears, and a soft ticking sound, or the UGears Flower with a smart mechanism that opens the flower up to reveal a ballerina or a tree inside to keep jewelry and other knick-knacks inside, would definitely bring joy to your mom and dad both during the assembly, and after, after they place their beautiful wooden creations on their tables.

The UGears Tugboat (‘Easy’ assembly level) with a pendulum that creates the sound similar to the one of a real-life diesel engine and asymmetrical wheel that imitate the rocking on the waves motion, and the UGears Trimaran Merihobus (‘Hard’ assembly level) with exposed engineering elements such as winches, rigging, and hulls sets should definitely delight the fans of the marine theme.The UGears Steam Locomitive and UGears Dream Cabriolet VM-05 should definitely be on the list of gifts for elderly fathers that enjoy the history and tradition of transport.The UGears Antique Box (‘Easy’ assembly level) that is covered with lace-like ornaments and featuring secret compartments or the UGears Treasure Box (‘Hard’ assembly level) with a mechanism that allows its cover to gently slide to the side in one motion could make wonderful gifts for your mother.Proceed to our catalog to learn more about the amazing gifts that can bring real joy to your parents and bring some excitement into their leisure activities.

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