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10 unique ideas for a Father’s Day gift

The key to unique Father’s Day presents is to make each present memorable. After all, it is only the memorable presents that made it through the years with you could be probably still found on the shelves at home or at your office. A truly memorable gift would be the one that is both a reflection of your dad’s interests and something that he could come back to over and over again.

Another important element to a special gift for a father on this day is whether the gift is useful. And don’t get us wrong, we know where the line between a pack of warm socks and a remarkable gift is. A useful gift is the one that will help your dad achieve his goals, whether it’s helping him unwind after a hard day, a way to cheer him up, or a way to learn something new.

3D puzzles from UGears that can be assembled into stunning models of transport, animals, buildings, and so on, are what ticks both of the aforementioned boxes.

What is the difference between a puzzle and a 3D puzzle?

There are certain similarities between these two which include that both do not require any special tools, including glue during the assembly process. Parts of a 3D puzzle are easily fitted together which makes the building easy and not messy at all. All UGears puzzles are made from high-grade 100%-natural plywood with all parts coming pre-cut, which requires only a gentle push from a wooden frame. Whether your dad is into scale modeling or not, this is a new approach to this wide-spread hobby that will give him a fresh perspective on making beautiful things with your own hands.

Just like regular puzzles, 3D puzzles are a great workout for our brain. Your dad doesn’t need to know this, but puzzles have been proven to postpone early onsets of dementia and Alzheimer’s while simultaneously helping us improve our memory, problem-solving skills, and, in the case of 3D puzzles, our visual-spatial reasoning. Other important benefits of puzzles include their overall effect on our mood and self-esteem, helping us fight stress and get satisfaction and the sense of achievement from successfully solving problems. All this makes puzzles some of the best gifts for father on a Father’s Day. What is special about the puzzles from UGears?

UGears 3D puzzles: the best gift for dad on a Father’s Day

Each UGears puzzle features several moving elements and the majority of puzzles have simple and complex mechanical parts, each illustrating some law of mechanics. As all sets are divided into three groups by assembly difficulty, from ‘Easy’ to ‘Hard’, it is quite easy to find what suits your dad best. The ‘Easy’ sets take from 1 to 3 hours to assemble, while the ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Hard’ ones normally take between 4 to 8 and 9 to 16 hours accordingly.

Let’s take a look at some Father’s Day special gift ideas by a ‘dad type’ category:

  1. If your dad is into music. The UGears Hurdy-Gurdy set is a beautiful tribute to the historical instrument which despite being invented sometime around the 16th century, can be heard in some Metallica, Blackmore’s Night, Led Zeppelin, Sting, and Bruce Springsteen songs. Not everyone can boast a fully-functioning musical instrument that has been created by their own hands! This set takes between 4 and 8 hours to assemble, requires tuning and comes with a
  2. If your dad is into transport. This category of dads is certainly the winners as UGears offers an unmatched variety of transportation devices to choose from, each featuring a self-propelled rubber-band motor that allows cars, boats, trains, and motorcycles to travel on their own. Most sets even feature a transmission that allows switching a vehicle between the three modes just like its real-life prototype! Another feature that will definitely find its way into every dad’s heart is a high level of detail, be that the moving windshield wipers of a UGears Dream Cabriolet VM-05 or the asynchronous pistons and valves that set the stunning UGears Steam Locomotive in motion.
  3. If your dad is into board games. UGears tabletop games accessories series are specifically designed for those dads who don’t want to get their cards or dice during or in between the games. The UGears Dice Tower keeps the dice in check and doesn’t let them fly beyond the designated area, while the UGears Card Holder and the UGears Deck Box sets keep the valuable cards in a safe place and easily accessible, letting your dad and his friends or the whole family to fully enjoy the game night.
  4. If your dad is into robots. The UGears Horse Mechanoid is a unique set that stands out in the catalog because it is, in fact, a quadruped that moves smoothly and realistically if not like a real horse, but surely like an impeccably engineered robot. The UGears Robot Factory set features a fully-functioning assembly line that will definitely melt the heart of any fan of miniature cities and smart mechanisms.
  5. If your dad is not a fan of puzzles. In this case, it’s never too late to start. If your gift for father on father’s day is something he doesn’t expect, it is also potentially a success. Since wooden 3D puzzles by UGears are not typical jigsaw puzzles but only borrowed their best features, they are very likely to please those dads who do not tend to spend their leisure solving riddles. The best beginner sets would be the UGears Steampunk Clock that could become a stylish and fully-functioning tabletop accessory for your dad’s office or study, and the UGears Flexi-Cubus that is a specially-designed anti-stress toy aimed at relieving stress, tension, and anxiety.
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