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UGears goal is to challenge you in the most innovative and different ways. It’s not a  secret that puzzles are perfect for adults and kids. But why should you pay attention to 3D puzzles? Because sometimes a simple puzzle isn’t enough. 

UGEARS releases 12 new models every year. They have varying degrees of complexity. Moreover, they are made for different tastes and hobbies. Our designers work for all UGEARS lovers all over the world. And we are releasing new unique models that we present to you now. Today UGEARS team invests their creativity and love into their craft which you receive in each of the models.

SKY WATCHER TOURBILLON TABLE CLOCK is the second fully functioning clock by UGears. It is a functional wooden mechanical clock topped with a fascinating, rotating celestial observatory.

DRIFT COBRA RACING CAR is a stylish, two-seat convertible. Our twist on what may be the most revered sports car of all time: the Shelby Cobra 427. It was produced between 1965-67.

MARBLE RUN STEPPED HOIST is a mechanical marvel. It combines art and engineering. It is both a beautiful kinetic sculpture and an intricate toy.

MARBLE RUN CHAIN HOIST is not only a beautiful kinetic sculpture. It is an intricate toy that teaches as it entertains. This DIY wooden marble run features a chain hoist powered by a hand crank.

HEXAPOD EXPLORER is a part insect, part robot, part extraterrestrial rover. The Hexapod Explorer can walk up to 3 meters on its own legs.

MECHANICAL AQUARIUM is an ingenious saltwater fishbowl. It has two pet tropical fish chasing each other around a forest of macroalgae fronds. Moreover inside of each hides another small inhabitant of the marine environment—a seahorse!

AERO WALL CLOCK is an actual working clock that you can build yourself, mount to a wall, wind up, then watch as the seconds, minutes, and hours tick by.

WINDSTORM DRAGON is classic mythical animal, the ancient incarnation of power,
Moreover, the bow it is an outstanding model.

AUTOMATON CYCLIST  is a way to demonstrate how the weight changes the work of a flywheel mechanism. The model has a special space where you can put a coin to increase the weight and see the changes in the mechanism.

SCRAMBLER UGR-10 WITH SIDECAR is based on a dual sport bike prototype. This vehicle  is designed to run on both slippery asphalt highways and heavy roads.

CASH REGISTER is like a real. It has boxes for coins and banknotes. For extra protection, you can use a code lock.

RESEARCH VESSEL is the incarnate might and beauty of large modern icebreakers and survey boats. While creating this kit Ugears team was inspired by classic scientific documentaries and biographies of outstanding marine explorers

Our mission is to bring people together, especially families, as they work to create fun, beautiful objects with fascinating moving parts. UGEARS are suitable for all ages, but we love it when family members work together across generations, united in a creative process—parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, maybe a niece or nephew alongside a favorite aunt or uncle.

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