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3 Incredible Wooden Model Kits

What if you had an entire day to spend with your hobbies? With wooden mechanical model kits from Ugears, this dream can come true. As assembled 3D puzzles that are both fun and educational in their complexity – they’ll teach people about how different mechanisms work while satisfying everyone’s curiosity for intricate design! UGears team behind these incredible creations is ready offer three exciting options: our elegant Carousel, romantic Mechanical Globe or futuristic Mars Buggy.

UGears Mix

Spin, move and explore Earth in a whole new way

The Mechanical Globe is a wooden model of Earth with stylized continents. It’s comprised two main blocks – the globe itself, and another platform for mounting which has mechanisms that propel it forwards in space! The Extras included within this incredible mechanism include shuttles or satellites traveling along each equator separating landmasses according their location on either side.

Imagine how it would feel if the Earth were your very own globe. You can’t get much more engrossed than this! The Mechanical Globe allows you not just to spin on an axis, but also move around in space as well–and all without getting too far away from yourself or any other objects nearby (the main module has built-in tracking). First off there’s that nifty rubber band motor which provides energy for powering everything else up here. The Globe can be rotated manually. This 3D wooden globe model kit includes 184 details and an average assembly time of 4 hours per unit. Explore our world today!

UGears Mix

A gift that will make them smile again and again

The 3D Carousel Puzzles invites you to a holiday fairground, where the air is soaked with cotton candy and mulled wine. Sounds of music fill your ears while laughter rings out everywhere around this magical construction that takes up space inside or outside- it’s great for any season! There are two kinds of horses rockling back n forth as if they were really riding on an old fashioned carousel – just like in those days before electricity came along when people needed their sugar highs from something other than making money (so much easier!).
The 3D Carousel puzzle can be rotated manually, for example by turning its roof. Made of sustainable materials that are eco-friendly and clutter free it’s a wonderful surprise to someone who values giving back! The model kit includes 305 details with an average assembly time 6 hours.

UGears Mix

The ultimate gift for all Mars explorers

The Mars Buggy is an out-of-this world model for exploring alien landscapes. It’s steady and reliable six wheeled rover can ride around obstacles to deliver important samples, or keep small items in your office like paper clips! If you want this amazing self-organizing toy as a gift – get it now before they’re all gone because friends will love getting something so cool that takes them away from their routines entirely.
Get ready for your mission to Mars with this futuristic, wooden toy model kit. The design includes 95 details and an image of the Red Planet on its front panel! It takes about 30 minutes per assembly.


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