Ugears Models: The perfect Christmas gift for the whole family!

UGears Research Vessel

Get lost in the wonder of Christmas

He had been feeling a sense of anticipation in the days leading up to it, and his excitement was almost electric on that day. After weeks at sea aboard his research vessel, he arrived near an island which may hold one of the greatest Christmas mysteries ever known: Santa’s residence. Step aboard and explore one of the most mysterious places in this world, where a dense colony of seals call home. Towering cliffs make up its breathtaking horizon, inviting adventurers to discover what lies beyond their snow-capped peaks. On closer inspection you’ll find yourself standing in front of an ancient cave – said to be inhabited by none other than Santa himself! Rumor has it that if you’re lucky enough he may even invite you for his annual pre-delivery coffee drinking ceremony – can we hear a ‘Ho ho ho’?! Get your Research Vessel ready as this unforgettable adventure awaits…

UGears Research Vessel

What’s in the box?

Make your child’s travel dreams come true this holiday season with the UGears Research Vessel mechanical toy! This unique and exciting wooden model has everything needed for real life exploration, including a bathyscaphe, motor-boat and life boat. With its realistic elements like drop ramp, opening hold hatch and swing jib crane to manage cargo – even hoisting out the bathyscape from deep depths of water – it’s sure to be an unforgettable Christmas experience!

UGears Research Vessel

Get into the spirit of giving with Ugears Models

Revel in the authentic experience of a real research vessel with this high-grade eco-friendly 3d wood model. Its “skeleton” design gives you an up close look at its hold and engine room without needing glue or additional instruments for assembly. A rubber-band motor powers it while its pendulum manages energy to allow three different movement modes: forward, turn, and automatic maneuvering – all controlled by a manual lever! Imitate the sound of diesel engines as your Research Vessel cruises along smoothly and steadily ahead.

Make your wildest dreams come true with UGears Models! Our STEM sets provide the perfect challenge and adventure for children of all ages. With dozens to choose from, you’re sure to find something that ignites your imagination. Visit today – let’s get building!

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