UGears Models: The perfect Christmas gift for the whole family!

UGears Heavy Boy Truck

TheyIt’s Christmas Eve and Jacob is on a mission

Jacob was the true Santa on a mission – to deliver Christmas cheer and joy all the way up in North Alaska. Through snow swept roads, truck stops, and hot cups of coffee he drove it there with enthusiasm before nightfall. Those boxes contained dreams that were yet to come alive – little wishes created by families who needed this holiday tidings more than ever! Jacob’s summery spirit despite being surrounded by icy cold reminded us what truly matters most: love comes from within even during difficult times.

Jacob’s Heavy Boy Truck powered through a fierce snowstorm on his way up the treacherous mountain pass. With precious cargo in tow, he was determined to make it safely – and swiftly – to its destination: The Town that was expecting their packages come morning time. Despite an uncertain terrain, Jacob maneuvered with precision as the wheels of his trusty vehicle regained traction against nature’s powerful force – providing him safe passage home!

UGears Heavy Boy Truck

A Creative Wooden Model to Build and Enjoy

Let the holiday cheer spread as your kids get giddy opening their presents! Among them was a unique masterpiece – UGears Heavy Boy Truck Mechanical Model. This intricate 3D puzzle is made up of beautiful wooden pieces and with Jacob’s Big Boy production truck, it all became possible for such delightful gifts to reach you in time!

UGears Heavy Boy Truck

UGears’ Heavy Boy Truck Mechanical Model – A Gift to Remember

Introducing the Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 model kit, an eco-friendly engineering marvel by UGears. Crafted with high-grade wood sourced from sustainable sources. This robust and powerful truck boasts an R6 engine powered by a rubber band motor for up to 5 meters of travel on just one winding. A transmission system is implemented in its design allowing it to switch between forward motion, reverse direction, or idle mode – controlled by turning the front sprung wheels!

The Heavy Boy has all the iconic details like two big pipes, dual pairs of mirrors & a hook-up system that securely connects your Truck with the trailer are integrated with its meticulous design. Plus you’ll have access to rear storage including a shovel and gas can when needed!

UGears creates a captivating holiday experience with its intricate, self-propelling mechanical models! They are ideal for winter nights in the family home. These unique toys will add an extra touch of wonder to your Christmas festivities.


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