Cash register mechanical model. Your home bank

UGears Cash Register

Piggy storage

All of us know that real values have no monetary equivalent. However, if you still need some original cash storage, UGears has a great solution. The “Cash register” model from UGears is not only a convenient piggy bank but also priceless new impressions and emotions.

UGears Cash Register

Protect your treasures

The original mechanical bank is made in the form of a vintage cash register. It is designed for storing coins and banknotes. As in real devices, the UGears model has separate drawers for notes and coins that can be closed. A customizable combination lock provides additional protection. To access savings, you need to enter your secret code and open the “Cashier” by turning the key in the lock several times until the drawer with the money slides out. This procedure will also reset the counter.

UGears Cash Register

Smart and incredibly sincere

The cash register has a retro design in the Art Deco style. It could be a unique decoration of any interior and a welcome gift to friends and colleagues. You can use a model in games with children. You’ll see, with the UGears Cash Register, your sales volume will definitely increase! But most importantly, we’re sure you’ll see a significant increase in the entertainment and leisure sector.

Choosing gifts for Christmas is not easy. But we can always please our relatives and friends with a mechanical model from Ugears. They are smart and incredibly sincere gifts!

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