50s classic from UGears designers. Dream Cabriolet VM-05

50s classic from UGears designers. Dream Cabriolet VM-05 - UGears USA 1

Inspired by the middle of twentieth century

UGears continues to study historical mechanisms in practice. And our developers can`t ignore such an exciting and important period of the not-too-distant past as the 50s of the twentieth century. That was a time of rockabilly, puffy skirts, and, of course, the splendor of luxury cars. Dive into the atmosphere of the middle of the last century with the new exciting model of Ugears, the Dream Convertible VM-05. The fifties gave cars technological innovations and a unique, relevant, and recognizable design today. The Dream Cabriolet is the most detailed mechanical construction set from UGears designers, who have collected the best of the various cars released this decade into the model.

UGEARS VM-05 Dream Cabriolet

Planning is the MOST essential part of any successful project!

We were inspired and we try to inspire. So now we would like to present you with a new post by our friend on Medium. He would like to share his plans for Dream Cabriolet. This article is going to focus on the two different ways of building the UGEARS VM-05 Dream Cabriolet. Ryan mentioned that the process of planning is the most important in assembling a model. And we know that planning is always half of your success. We hope you enjoy this post and we invite you to see it here: http://bit.ly/3TZu4L6

UGEARS VM-05 Dream Cabriolet

If you need a gift

Our UGears models are the best smart gift for all ages and interests. This is both a puzzle and a model made of wood. Collecting it you get pleasure. Give UGears models to loved ones, friends, parents, or children. We know they will love it!

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