The model colored as an autumn sun

UGears Amber box

Wood and Amber

The Amber Box is a unique and exquisite model from UGears with an exclusive addition. The lid of the Box is inlaid with decorative elements made of natural amber. The Amber Box will serve as a convenient and stylish storage for jewelry, bijouterie and other gizmos that are dear to you. Ugears models are traditionally assembled without the use of additional tools or glue. Therefore, the amber inlay is securely fixed on the lid using original fasteners.

UGears Amber Box

Not only practical

This model is not just a beautiful and practical thing, but also a mechanical constructor. It means that inside its elegant body is a smart mechanism. Assembling the UGears Amber Box is an entertaining process. It will give you several hours of interesting and useful leisure. To start the box just pull the lid. Once triggered, your Amber Box will open like a flower, revealing six compartments to store your valuables. But the surprises do not end there. A secret button on the back of the Casket will open two additional compartments for the most special treasures.

UGears Amber Box

Smart gift

The end of autumn is a time to think about gifts for your loved ones, relatives and friends. You will always make the right choice by turning your attention to UGears models. These are smart gifts made with love. Give the opportunity to design, enjoy working with wood and learn a unique result. A unique and original model of the Ugears family, the Amber Box is exactly the exquisite gift that you want to give to dear people or leave in your collection, like a real mechanical treasure.

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