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10 unique gifts for Friendship Day

National Friendship Day, which is celebrated on the first Sunday of August, is the best way to connect with your friends and show them how much you appreciate them and value their friendship. Many psychologists believe that we share more common interests with friends we acquire later in life due to the fact that at the time of meeting with these people, we have already become mature individuals and are more deliberate about our choices of people that surround us. This is why our friends can be considered a reflection of our own personality. Which is great for a number of different reasons, one of them being, of course, is that it is not that difficult to find a special present for a friend that has so much in common with yourself. But however close you might be we your friends or however long you might have been together, there are always times when you are out of ideas.

Benefits of unusual gifts to give on Friendship Day

The seemingly easy task of looking for gifts for Friendship Day might easily turn into a disaster with just these two conditions in the picture: you don’t know where to even start looking for that awesome present, and you are trying to find something unusual because come on, you’ve known each other for so long and you must have already given them the best you can think of on all those previous occasions.

We are sure that over all those years you might have given your friend something stupid and funny, something useful, or something to satisfy their new passing thing or a new hobby they suddenly got really passionate about. What if we told you there is a solution, a unique gift that would surprise both your old friends and the new ones.

What is an unusual gift? It is something your friends would like because they have never received anything like this, something that will stay with them as a reminder of your friendship, and something they would come back to over and over.

Smart wooden 3D puzzles by UGears as an ultimate unique gift

UGears, a world-famous manufacturer of unique wooden construction sets is ready to offer you a helping hand in finding perfect gifts for a Friendship Day. Made from high-grade plywood, all UGears sets are 100% eco-friendly and do not require any special tools, for assembly. Each piece of a 3D puzzle is fitted with another one without glue while coming pre-cut and easily taken out of its wooden frame.

3D puzzles are a great way to train our brain, improve our problem-solving and spatial thinking, ignite creativeness, and eventually help us age later and at a slower pace. Once assembled, they give us that sense of achievement we are all looking for and that inspires us to move forward and succeed. In addition, all 3D puzzles by UGears that are, in fact, a mix between construction sets and jigsaw puzzles, have moving parts and mechanical elements that allow us to investigate into the nature of some of the common and less common laws of mechanics. This makes them a great present for someone who is already into riddles, technology or engineering. But as all the sets are split into 3 groups by difficulty level and are extremely fun to assemble regardless of your previous experience with puzzles or toy models of transport or buildings, they can be a perfect match for anyone.

Friendship Day gifts ideas for him

The UGears Roadster VM-01 set is the best way to introduce your friend to a world of unusual 3D puzzles. It is an elegant vintage car model that can become a stylish element of décor after assembly and will be thoroughly enjoyed on every stage of assembly. But despite the striking exterior and high level of detail, the key feature of the Roadster is its 8-cylinder self-propelled motor engine with moving valves. The model is wound up with the help of the spare wheel in the back and can cover up to 13 feet.

The UGears Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 set, like most UGears sets, also has a rubber-band motor that sets it in motion. It travels even further than the Roadster – up to 16 feet and features a transmission element that can be easily switched between ‘forward’ and ‘reverse’.

The UGears Trimaran Merihobus set has an elegant look and features mechanisms that allow it to drop anchor and roll up sails, making this beautiful yacht look and act as realistic as its real-life prototypes.

Friendship Day gifts ideas for her

The UGears Antique Box set could one of the best Friendship Day gifts ideas for someone who likes their secrets well-kept. The immaculately-detailed exterior of this beautiful set is inspired by Victorian-era cabinets with secret compartments and features six foldable inner compartments together with two secret ones and an elegantly-carved latch lock.

The UGears Treasure Box is a little bit more challenging to assemble compared to the Antique Box, but it is worth every minute. This jewelry box slides its lid to the side with the help of a smart mechanism that is set with the help of a hidden secret key.

Friendship Day gifts ideas for a best friend

We decided to talk about gifts for best friends separately as there are some additional factors that play into choosing a good gift for someone you are particularly close with. One of the main things being you would always want something special for your best friend, so we have compiled this list of the most extraordinary UGears 3D puzzles.

The UGears Monowheel set is the first on the list only because it is the easiest set to assemble and is perfectly suitable for someone who is not familiar with scale modeling or mechanics. It is a miniature copy of a 1930s transportation device prototype. Despite being in the ‘Easy’ assembly difficulty category, the Monowheel boasts a powerful rubber-band motor that allows it to operate in two modes and to travel for up to 13 feet in a single setting. It can be taken outside for a walk and is sure to get the attention it deserves.

The UGears V-Express Steam Train with Tender is one of UGears’ most stunning sets. Powered by a  self-propelled rubber-band motor and featuring an exquisitely-designed open exterior, this train can travel for up to 13 feet in a single setting and pays an inspirational tribute to the technological genius of humanity. In addition, the train has a small switch lever on the side of its body that allows controlling its direction.

The UGears Horse Mechanoid set looks like something that came straight from the pages of Leonardo DaVinci’s sketchbooks and moves on its own just like the majority of other UGears wooden puzzles. Sure it is one thing to make a toy train move, and a completely different – to make a toy horse do! This is why this model features a revolutionary approach that allows it to move smoothly and gracefully. It is a combination of a specially designed claw mechanism, a rubber-band motor, and a pendulum in the Mechanoid’s chest.

The UGears Butterfly set is one of the most strikingly looking sets in our unique gifts collection. Much like the Horse Mechanoid, this set is inspired by the unmatched diversity that can be found in nature. The butterfly is gently hovering over a flower with the support of an elastic band that bounces it in the air creating its ultra-realistic movements. The Butterfly comes with two sets of wings, one of them blank and fully customizable.

The UGears Tribics is a set that stands out not only because it consists of several smaller objects, but because its purpose spreads slightly beyond just making something beautiful with your own hands. These small figurines with moving parts will be there to help anyone fight anxiety, losing focus or quitting a bad habit. They can be used as keychains or just kept on the desk in case of emergency. To activate them as an ultimate anti-stress toy, simply hold a small figurine with your fingers using an index finger or a thumb to rotate the spinning elements.


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