Mechanical models that bring families together

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The magic of quality time

Our fast-paced world is spinning mercilessly, non-stop, 24/7! However fast we may run in our daily lives, whatever projects we pursue, whichever struggles we face, few would argue that family time matters most! Ugears models are a great way for parents and kids to join forces and create something truly miraculous!

Ugears models

Fun Ugears 3d puzzles

Imagine a sparkling obsidian world where fire-breathing beasts still roam the sky! Explore the Ugears Windstorm Dragon wooden model and build one yourself! Marvel at the precision of the Ugears Clock wooden puzzle kit, create your own melody on the Hurdy-Gurdy or follow the footsteps of world science with Ugears Globus mechanical model. Examine the depths of the Aquarium with its lifelike fish on their meditative endless loop.

Get away from it all aboard the V-Express Steam Train. If you are a ‘road’ type of person, choose the Ugears Roadster VM-01 car. If your style is long hair, a leather jacket and old-school rock, Ugears Scrambler UGR-10 model kit will not leave you emotionless!

Ugears model

Make your pick!

Whichever wooden model for adults and kids you choose, you are bound to have tons of fun! Check the whole range of models at and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!


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Our models and ideas were born in Ukraine, which is, despite the odds, still fighting off the cynicism and deadly metal of the russian invaders. We welcome everyone who would like to help defend the ideals and values of the civilized world and stand shoulder to shoulder with what is right and just!

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