HEXAPOD EXPLORER Is your best friend of this summer

Ugears Hexapod Explorer

Each year again and again

Summertime is coming and as we know insects are coming too😬. We hope it is the best time to pal up with one of them. Now you can get your own Hexapod! Let’s face it, the six-legged, hard-shelled beetle is a winning design, and so is the Ugears Hexapod Explorer.

Ugears Hexapod Explorer

Your new friend

It is a part insect, part robot, part extraterrestrial rover. This model is driven by a powerful spring motor. So, the Hexapod Explorer can walk up to 3 meters on its own legs. The Hexapod Explorer wooden model kit has 388 pieces and features a strong metal spring that powers the robot’s walking action, and rubber band foot pads for better traction on smooth surfaces. This DIY model is rated Medium level with an assembly time of approximately 8 hours.

Ugears Hexapod Explorer

Time with your closest

Just imagine, you can spend 8 hours with your family and have a lot of fun! Our 3d models always help when you are going to gather with friend and close people. Building Ugears models is a great way to learn basic principles of science and engineering, including principles from biology like animal locomotion. Building models is also a great way to develop mechanical competence, learn how to problem solve and learn how to follow detailed, illustrated instructions (a useful skill for kids and adults).


The day 78

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