Ugears Mother’s Day offers – continued!


Mum, you’re the best!

Mother’s Day is near and we at Ugears are happy to do our bit to give that special woman a special surprise! Appeal to the engineer and artist in your mum and give her one of the wooden puzzle kits we offer!

Mother’s Day offers

A waу to spend time together

 Ugears mechanical models are an excellent way to bring the whole family together. Unpack the attractively looking 3d puzzle, check the color manual for instructions, and enjoy the process of assembling it with your own hands!

Ugears Mechanical Aquarium lets you take a peek at the underwater world of wooden models for adults. The wooden fish seem alive and harmonically fit in with seaweed growing on the aquarium floor. This is a ‘medium difficulty’ model kit, which is sure to satisfy your creative thirst!

Ugears Amber Box is an exquisite model, which combines the artistic touch of its carvings with the practicality of being a worthy place for your treasured possessions. This model is easy to build, but definitely as much fun as more complex Ugears models.

Ugears Butterfly is an outstanding piece of mechanical art, colorful and elegant in its beauty. Assemble it with your loved ones and marvel at the way it flutters its mechanical wings as if about to actually get airborne.

Mother’s Day offers

Special discounts

Order the Amber Box or Aquarium models by May 8th and get a Mother’s Day 15% discount on them! The models are fun to build together with the whole family. Everything you need is included in the package, the ecological plywood is pleasant to the touch and, as usual, no glue or special tools are needed to assemble your masterpiece. Check out for a full range of options!

Stand with Ukraine

Ukraine, where our beloved models are produced, is still fighting for survival from the treacherous attack, which has forced millions out of their homes and keeps causing pain and destruction throughout the country. If you would like to support the struggle of the free people against the tyranny of brute strength, please visit