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Ugears Mother’s Day offers - UGears USA 1

A special day

Mother’s Day is a unique holiday in its own right. This is a day we make a point of honoring the person who brought us into this world. To the one who gave us their genuine love and care! Ugears offers a range of amazing mechanical models to make this day even more special.

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The models your mum will enjoy!

Is your mum keen on snorkeling, diving, splashing around in the ocean or simply watching National Geographic documentaries? If this is the case, Ugears Mechanical Aquarium 3D wooden puzzle would be the best choice for her. She may watch the exquisite wooden fish! Moreover, they move around and relive all those great underwater moments!

Is she a die-hard musician? Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy wooden model kit is not the easiest piece to assemble. But when it is ready, it will delight both professional and amateur musicians. Because it has an original sound and cool looks!

Most women love their jewelry, necklaces, rings and everything which gives them this womanly touch. They are looking to connect with this passion. Here, the Amber Box and Treasure Box Ugears models will provide a perfect solution. Your valuables will be safely hidden away here. And the beauty of the container matches the beauty of the treasure inside!

Ugears Flower and Ugears Cash Register wooden puzzles will appeal to lovers of nature and mathematical precision alike! No glue or special tools are needed to assemble any of the above models.  All you need is just our color manual and a bit of time set aside to indulge in this wonderful activity.

Ugears_Mother_s Day

Mother’s Day promo

The promotion will last from 30th April to 8th May and will include a special 15% discount on the above models. It is a great chance to present an engaging and meaningful gift. It is not just a toy, but a way to get the family together. Get involved in the model assembly and combine it with simply enjoying each other’s company! Visit to see all available options and make the choice which suits your mum the best!


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