Fight for freedom

Since 24th February Ukraine has been heroically withstanding the russian full-scale military invasion. UGEARS was founded in Ukraine in 2014. Our models are produced in Ukraine, the country which is experiencing its hardest moments to date.

Like many Ukrainians around the world, we are helping our country in the struggle for Freedom against an evil, powerful and merciless adversary – russia. We constantly donate to various foundations, but we also buy the necessary products here, in the U.S., and ship them to Ukraine.



The one goal for all of us

Now we are asking all UGEARS community to join us and support the people of Ukraine.

On our page SUPPORT UKRAINE there are many ways to do this.

One way is using our Amazon Wish List to buy the much-needed equipment for the civilian population and the defenders of the front-line city of Kharkiv. Pre-war population of 1.5 million, Kharkiv is now one of the most shelled cities in Ukraine. The russian army units are stationed as close as 7 miles from the city and constantly attack random residential districts with artillery and rocket strikes.

All the items you purchase using this link will be delivered to our address in Florida. Join the goods we purchase ourselves and be shipped over to Ukraine.

You can also make a donation to any organization of your choice in order to support Ukraine.

Just follow this link

Support Ukraine

Together we can make a difference. Every good deed helps the justice, righteousness and decency prevail and bring the much-coveted peace closer to the people of Ukraine 💛💙.