Marble Run Adventure!

Marble Run

How Ugears got here

UGears mechanical models reflect all the cool things going on in the world. Some, like our Windstorm Dragon model, are about fantasy worlds. Others, like the exquisite Treasure Box, are utilitarian and practical objects which may contain your jewels or secret notes. Two Marble Run Chain Hoist and Marble Run Stepped Hoist model kits are based on the spirit of light-hearted competition and the amazing YouTube-geared popularity of these runs!

Marble Run

Step up the fun

When assembled, the labyrinth-like trails for the marbles will entertain both young and old. Each trail is full of obstacles, traps and unexpected twists, which will determine the fate of the winning marble. Place your bets, set the system in motion and watch the marbles compete while racing down to the finish line. These UGears models can be connected together, resulting in a truly grandiose marble racing track!

Marble Run

A perfect gift

UGears wooden models bring families together in a fun and engaging activity. Assemble the Marble Run sets together, then test them by having fun competitions and bets with your loved ones! It’s a perfect solution for those who enjoy wooden puzzle kits, modeling and each other’s company! To see the full range of models, visit

Support Ukraine

As you probably know, for more than two months now Ukraine has been under constant attack from russia – its giant, ruthless and constantly lying neighbor. We, at UGears are proud of the company’s Ukrainian origin and do what we can to help good defeat evil in this epic struggle. If you wish to join us, please visit SUPPORT UKRAINE page to find out how.