Looking for a weekend project? UGears company has a perfect solution!

Ugears mechanical models as supplemental learning material for teaching mechanics in high school

Are you in search for a project to keep the whole family busy on a weekend? Especially during the cool and rainy fall season when the weather is not permitting to enjoy outdoors? UGears company has a solution! Ugears 3-d wooden mechanical puzzles are continuously gaining popularity worldwide!

Ideal to work on with friends and family, these puzzles also carry out an educational function. Assembly process not only contributes to small muscle, abstract thinking and creativity development, but it also brings families together!

What is so unique about UGears 3-d puzzles?

UGears 3-d mechanical puzzles feature a number of special features. Here are just a few:

– Each set is made with high-grade natural wood materials and assembles just like a jigsaw puzzle, without the use       of any glue.

– Each model is extremely detailed and realistic; every single one is designed in UGears signature style, perfect for         combining individual models into themed sets collections.

– Every model is powered up by a small rubber-band internal mechanical element and produces real motion!

The assembly of UGears models is an exciting activity!

Looking for a weekend project? UGears company has a perfect solution! - UGears USA 1

Take the Aviator model, for example. It consists of 726 pieces and can take up to 10-15 hours to be fully assembled. An ideal project to keep your family and friends busy and entertained for the entire weekend. Despite on seemingly complex assembly process, you can still keep the entire family involved with building activity. Simply assign the task to each family member considering the age and the abilities. Your younger kids can sort and hand out parts, your scholars could help with reading the instructions and ensure the correct process, and the older generation can assist with more difficult and complicated tasks.

To browse the selection of UGears 3-d puzzles collections and to choose one for your family, check out the online catalog. Many of the collections are interchangeable and can be built into the whole tiny UGears communities or small mechanical habitats right in your home!