UGears Dynamometer to help keep you organized!

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Dynamometer

Are you experiencing difficult times managing your day, keeping track of chores and activities and transitions from one thing to another? UGears has a unique, yet original solution to your quest, the Dynamometer model. This 3-d wooden mechanical puzzle is just what you need to help you keep organized!

What is so unique about UGears Dynamometer.

This 3-d mechanical set is made with natural wood materials, consists of 48 pieces and is easily assembled in about 1-2 hours. When finished, it becomes a static frame with wheel gears system. On the face of the static frame is a peculiar dial with rotating images of 8 various activities:

– Music lessons or listening

– Walk outdoors

– Mealtime

– Tending the garden and house plants

– Cooking

– Cleaning the house

– Coffee and reading

– Playing video games

UGears Dynamometer

To see your Dynamometer at work set its face dial in motion. This task is easily achieved by directing a slight blow onto the Dynamometer’s open blades or turning the wheel gear with your fingers. The rotating movement is then supplied to the dial, engaging it to shift from one window to another. Eventually, the dial will stop, pointing at one of 8 action images indicating your next activity of the day.

You can change the list of default activities by applying different activity stickers that are also included with this set. If organizational and planning is not a part of your everyday life, you can still enjoy Dynamometer by using it as an eye-catching decor item or a functional piece in playing charades with friends and family!