Mechanical Etui Box, a stylish office desk accessory.

Ugears Business Card Holder

Introducing the Mechanical Etui Box, an original and stylish accessory for your office or work desk from UGears. This 3-d puzzle consists of only 61 pieces and requires about 1-2 hours for a complete assembly. Made with natural wood materials, it is signature designed in the best traditions of Leonardo DaVinci creations.

What is so unique about the Mechanical Etui Box?

This model is built as an arched frame with an attached to the lower part small box with a lid and a hand lever, and 2 wheel gears on the top.

How to put something inside this box or reveal its content? There are two ways you can accomplish this task: spin the wheel gear toward yourself of press on the hand lever. Either will activate the Mechanical Etui Box’s internal mechanism, lifting the box slightly upward and then opening it’s lid. Hold your finger on the hand lever a bit longer, and the lid will start closing, the small compartment – lowering, and the wheel gears – spinning in the opposite direction.

UGears Mechanical Box

It’s fascinating, how while the the wheel gears produce a sufficiently speedy rotation, the box itself moves very smoothly, demonstrating carefully calculated algorithm at work.

What to use UGears Mechanical Etui Box for?

You can set UGears Mechanical Etui Box as a unique and functional decor item to store small things like:

– Paperclips, pushpins, binder clips, and paper holders.

– Business cards.

– Small post-it notes and small writing pads.

– Small candies such as mints and life-savers.

Sophisticated and elegant design of the Mechanical Etui Box makes it an ideal  desktop accessory and will point out your good taste.

You can order UGears Mechanical Etui Box from our online catalog now.