Halloween decor and gift ideas from UGears.

Halloween decor and gift ideas from UGears image

“Trick or treat?”

UGears company introduces original solutions for Halloween spooky gifts and candy giveaways with its 3-d wooden mechanical puzzles! A number of UGears sets and models are ideal for Halloween fun such as, scary innocent pranks, innocuous horror stories, and startling surprises.

Box with surprise!

Take UGears Treasure Box, for example. This artsy relative of the all-time classic, “jack-in-the-box” is a stylish mechanical box with moving elements and intricate details. Fill the Treasure Box with bite-size chocolates and sweets, and you have a sophisticated candy-giveaway surprise container!

Halloween decor and gift ideas from UGears. - UGears USA 1

The symbol of the holiday – pumpkin.

A unique and original way to display small “Jack-O-Lantern’s” or to offer Halloween treat is UGears UMG-11 Truck. This model produces real motion and can help deliver your Halloween essentials right to the destination point. The best part, UGears UMG-11 Truck will continue to serve as an eye-catching display or a decor item long after the festivities of Halloween are over.

Halloween decor and gift ideas from UGears. - UGears USA 2

Something for little pranks!

Another idea of silly spooky Halloween fun is UGears Wolf-01 3-d puzzle. This model of a 5-round mechanical handgun shoots rubber-band ammunition and is perfect for Halloween pranks and games. It could become a nice accessory for the Cowboy, Special Agent or a Spy costume, adding a realistic “action-like” touch to it.

Halloween decor and gift ideas from UGears. - UGears USA 3

All UGears 3-d puzzles are made with high-grade natural wood materials and are set in motion with UGears signature self-propelled mechanical elements inside.

You can order these mechanical 3-d puzzles sets from our online catalog!

Wishing you a happy and safe Halloween!