UGears Combine Harvester – experience the true life on a farm!

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Combine Harvester

Experience fall in the countryside with fresh crisp air, changing trees foliage, crops picking and UGears Combine Harvester! This unique 3-d puzzle, a realistic model of an agricultural machinery, consists of 154 pieces and is made with natural wood materials.  Put the pieces together according to the enclosed instructions, and you’ll get a miniature replica of a real life combine harvester, that can become a neat addition for your zen garden or a unique display for your work desk or home office.

UGears Combine Harvester details and specifications.

Let’s take a closer look at the Combine Harvester.

UGears Combine Harvester - experience the true life on a farm! - UGears USA 1

– Combine Harvester, just like all UGears models, is assembled based on the principles on jigsaw puzzles, without the use of glue or any other materials.

– A unique, skeleton-like design of the Harvester exposes the work of its internal mechanism.

– The Harvester produces real motion and is powered up by a small rubber-band motor hidden inside.

– The model features additional details such as a brake release handle and a hidden storage compartment on the back.

– The Harvester can be paired up with a Trailer, a separate model that is also available for orders from UGears online catalog.

– To wind up the Combine’s motor, drag the it backward or spin its large back wheel. Then, release the “handbrake” and watch your Harvester heading for the fields and picking up the crops!

Order your Combine Harvester from our online catalog to add this fine piece of working farming machinery to your UGears 3-d puzzles collection!