U-Fidget Tribiks Vehicles – stress-relief toys for the fans of automobiles!

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit U-Fidgets-Tribiks Vehicles

Introducing a UGears new series, the U-Fidget Tribiks Vehicles!

U-Fidget Tribiks Vehicles is a set of original stress-relief toys and keychain charms all in one! Made with natural wood materials, the set features miniature models of a tractor, tractor-trailer, tram, and a race car. Each of the vehicles in the set consists only of 18 pieces, which makes the assembly an easy process.

U-Fidget Tribiks Vehicles set special features.

Each of the models in this set features the following:  –

– All are made with natural wood materials and special pleasant to touch, quality finish

– A small loop for hooking a keyring onto

– A rotating wheel allowing for stress-relieving “fidgeting”  motion

– A traditional for all UGears models signature design

Despite the small size and a limited number of parts, every model is designed in great details and is maximally realistic, which can definitely be appreciated by the vehicle fans of all ages.

U-Fidget Tribiks Vehicles - stress-relief toys for the fans of automobiles! - UGears USA 1

U-Fidget Tribiks Vehicles details and specifications.

With U-Fidget Tribiks UGears took the idea of 3-d puzzles up a notch. In addition to making these mini models into unique keychain charms, UGears also made them ideal for relieving stress and increasing concentration.

From rocking and tapping fingers to twisting objects and biting down on pencils, people use various motions to ease up tension and increase concentration. With that in mind, UGears dedicated its Tribiks collection to work as an aid for alleviating stress and increasing concentration.

You can order UGears U-Fidget Tribiks Vehicles collection from our online catalog where you can also find the other stress-relief toys as well as more complex full-size 3-d puzzles.