UGears Mechanical Town series – build your own mini-town!

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Robot Factory

Have you ever dreamed of building your own town? UGears company can make your dream come true with its new Mechanical Town series. The series is a combination of the number of complex 3-d puzzle sets that are interconnected and can be assembled into the entire mechanical mini habitat! Featuring traditionally recognizable for UGears models design, these sets contain self-propelled elements and produce real motion!  Behind the motion are the tiny rubber-band mechanisms that work based on the principles of engineering mechanics. Just imagine how your newly-build community comes to life when all of the sets start functioning all at the same time!

Sets included with UGears Mechanical Town series.

Let’s take a closer look at each puzzle in the series.

– The Robot Factory. This is a model of one of a kind robot-producing factory, equipped with a sophisticated assembly line and an ergo-loader. The model consists of 600 pieces and guarantees hours of fun and exciting assembly process.

UGears Mechanical Town series - build your own mini-town! - UGears USA 1

The Rail Manipulator. This model can take its place right by the side of the Robot Factory. Made of 356 pieces, the loading dock with cranes and rails impresses by its well-coordinated work and an intricate design.

The Railway Platform. An essential part to any town and the first attraction the tourists and visitors will see. Like any train station, it features a covered platform, benches, lamp posts, and a “stop” sign tourniquet.

The Steam Locomotive and Rails set consists of the train with a tender and train tracks with a gate and counts 643 pieces total. Like all UGears self-propelled models, the train in this set also produces motion, powered up by a small rubber-band motor.

UGears Mechanical Town series - build your own mini-town! - UGears USA 2

The Archballista and Tower is another important component in any small town. Designed in the best traditions of medieval times artillery, this model is intended to provide defense for and to guard peace in your town. Perhaps, the Archballista and Tower does not exactly match the whole theme of the Mechanical Town, however, it definitely adds up sophistication and intrigue to the entire series.

UGears Mechanical Town series - build your own mini-town! - UGears USA 3

All these sets can be combined into one complex model of a functioning community, UGears Mechanical Town. Fun to build, the Mechanical Town makes an eye-catching addition to your living room decor or an original display for your study or a home office. The sets are made with high-grade natural wood materials and assembled without the use of glue or any other tools.

You can order your favorite models from UGears Mechanical Town series on our website.