Coloring 3-D puzzles for your kids’ creativity development.

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Airplane, Kitten, Steamboat, Sailboat, Locomotive

UGears introduces its collections of 3-d miniature coloring puzzles. These small building sets consist of only a few pieces each and are ideal for little engineers to work on under a little adult’s supervision. Despite their simplicity, the puzzles are designed to contribute to the development of children’s’ small muscles and logical thinking and also teach them the basic laws of mechanics. But the most exciting feature of these puzzles is that they can be colored in any color your kids choose!

What Coloring sets collections are featured in UGears catalog?

Coloring 3-D puzzles for your kids' creativity development. - UGears USA 1

Below are some of UGears coloring models collections that are available for orders:

-Mill, Mary-Go-Round, Donkey, Biplane, and Clock set;

-Teddy Bear, Rooster, Horse, Whale and a Flower Bouquet set;

-Race Car, Bike, Spaceship, Helicopter, and a Knight set;

-Ship, Locomotive, Airplane, Yacht, Cat, and Dog sets;

Each of the 5 miniature models in every set consists of 3-4 to 5-20 pieces and the assembly process is simple enough for kids as young as the age of 4.

The models are made with high-grade natural wood materials, require no glue or any other materials for assembly and are safe to play with.

What coloring tools should be used?

Coloring 3-D puzzles for your kids' creativity development. - UGears USA 2

The design of coloring sets allows your child to choose his or her own coloring tools, which definitely contributes to the creativity and imagination development.  From acrylic to water and oil-based paints, to crayons, markers and colored chalks, whichever your child decides to use will work great on any of UGears coloring sets. After the models are assembled and painted, apply a coat of varnish or protective finish to seal the colors in.

For your own copy of UGears Coloring sets, visit our website and place an order form the online catalog. In the catalog you will also find many other 3-d puzzles, including more complex models, suitable to work on the with your whole family.