New U-Fidget-Tribiks – Creations

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit U-Fidgets Creations

UGears introduces its new model, the U-Fidget-Tribiks Creations! The Tribiks is a set of small pocket-sized models that are two-in-one, anti-stress toys and keychain charms. Each of the items in this set consists of only a few pieces and doesn’t take long to assemble. Made with natural high-grade wooden materials, they are pleasant to the touch and make just the right fit in the palm of a hand.

What is included in the U-Fidget-Tribiks Creations?

New U-Fidget-Tribiks – Creations - UGears USA 1

This set consists of 4 mini-models:

– A commercial-grade video camera,

– A book with ornamented engravings

– A 6-string guitar

– And a mini replica of Greek Parthenon

Despite the small number of pieces each of the models consists of, their realistic and intricate design will captivate even the most sophisticated minds.

What is so unique about U-Fidget-Tribiks Creations toys?

Aside from an exquisite design, each of the toys in the set is a fully functioning model and can be used in many different ways. A small loop on the side of each toy is intended for a key ring, making Tribiks the eye-catching keychain charms. Hook U-Fidget Tribiks on your keychain and you have a stress relief token right at an arms-reach at any time. Whether you are anxiously waiting and in need of easing up tension or trying to concentrate, just reach out and grab your keys! The spinning “fidgeting” element built in each of the Tribiks, works similar to not so long ago famous fidget spinners, making Tribiks the perfect anti-stress toys. You can order UGears U-Fidget-Tribiks Creations from our online catalog.