UGears Royal Carriage – treat yourself like royalty!

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Royal Carriage

The Royal Carriage, UGears new 3-d puzzle model of a regal coach pulled by four beautiful horses. This set is made with natural wood materials, consists of 290 pieces and requires no glue or any additional material to assemble. Like many other UGears models, the Royal Carriage is powered up by an internal rubber-band mechanism.

What is special and unique about UGears Royal Carriage?

UGears Royal Carriage – treat yourself like royalty! - UGears USA 1

Let’s take a closer look at this model.

– The Carriage is pulled by four horses, that are lead by two coachmen riding the two front horses, while two footmen take their places in the back, right on top of the luggage compartment.

– The body of the Carriage is decorated with detailed ornamented elements such as the royal coat of arms engraved on the panels of Carriage’s opening doors.

– The Royal Carriage set comes with some extras you may find exciting. Two iconic couples of British royal family, the Queen Mother with Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Henry with his beautiful bride Meghan.

– The back side of the carriage features a large luggage compartment with two footmen riding on top of it.

– The winding key in the shape of the Royal coat of arms and the that activates rear axle lever is located on a back of the Carriage. Simply release the lever and watch your regal “coach of four” stroll away to a royal gathering.

The Carriage is powered by a compact rubber-band motor that supplies the rotating motion to the rear wheels axles. The four horses are mounted onto two smaller axles with rollers, that allow for smooth and swift motion.

The detailed and realistic design of the Carriage makes it an eye-catching decor item for your office desk or a living room, creating an atmosphere of a Royal Court right in your own house! UGears Royal Carriage model is available for orders from our online catalog.