Dragon season

Autumn is a time when young Dragons gain strength. This time they fly out of their nest. Our Windstorm Dragon has long spread its wings. And they will conquer you with their beauty and elegance. So today we are going to talk about our lovely pet – Windstorm Dragon. It was presented in May 2021. But it is very popular now.

UGears Windstorm Dragon

Who was the idea?

The prototype of the Storm Dragon model was the Hoar Dragon. It is a character from the video game The Soul of Hunter. Ugears engineers created a classic mythical giant from wood. It embodies strength and power, and breathed life into it with the help of a special mechanism.

UGears Windstorm Dragon

Dragon flight

The Storm Dragon has an original open design. Therefore, you will be able to observe how each individual part moves, in particular the mechanical heart – the rubber motor. By the way, the wings are a special feature of this model from UGears. The wing bones are made of wood, like the rest of the automaton’s body. And the rest is made of thick paper decorated with a feather pattern. Thanks to the soft and flexible material, the flight of your Dragon will be extremely realistic.

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