UGears Antique Box


We always want to make a gift that can please our dear and beloved person. UGears has ideas for such gifts. And in this case, it’s not just another thing. It is also an opportunity to spend time together and assemble your Antique Box.

UGears Antique Box


Elegant UGears Antique Box is designed to securely store things dear to you. It is ready to become the treasure of your collection of mechanical construction kits. The antique box is a small mechanical box. It has eight compartments for storing a variety of small items or jewelry. But this is a very dry and generalized description of this beautiful and unusual model.

UGears Antique Box

What makes it stand out? 

The Antique box is decorated with exquisite carvings. They combine floral ornaments with elements of oriental motifs. The original design hides several interesting secrets. And one of them is the unique mechanism of the Box. The top cover of the model launches three main working units. Two of them are mechanisms mirrored on both sides, deploying the upper shelves. The third puts forward the bottom drawer, located in the middle of the box. Once triggered, your Jewelry Box will open like a flower. But the surprises do not end there. A secret button on the back of the Box will open two additional compartments for the most special treasures.

UGears Antique Box


Antique Box is original, beautiful, and practical. It is a wonderful decoration. Also, it is a useful knick-knack, which is pleasant and convenient to store trifles and jewelry. This is exactly the kind of cute little thing that you want to give or receive as a gift.


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