Our planet in our hands

UGears Globe

Great Discoveries

On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in the New World. He is a Spanish (according to some sources – Italian) seafarer. On this day, the expedition of Christopher Columbus reached the island of San Salvador in the Bahamas. And this day was later taken as the official date of the discovery of America. These were the times of the Great Discoveries.

UGears Globe

Nowadays aspirations

Today we live in a completely different world. We have different sets of human values, knowledge and aspirations. We dream of seeing not just what is on the other side of a neighboring river or across the sea. We want to see other planets. And the most desirable view from the window is to look at our Earth from the window of the space station.

UGears Globe

New impressions

UGears continues to surprise and give new impressions to fans of beautiful mechanics. UGears literally gives you the whole world. The Globe is your own world of mechanical wonders! The Globe is a model of the Earth. It has two sets of stylized continents. And a rotating mechanism and decorative interchangeable modules make the constructor even more interesting. All parts of the 3-d puzzle are made of high-quality ecological wood. Moreover, all of them are laser-cut. Neither glue nor any additional tools will be needed for assembly.

UGears Globe

The Globe consists of two main modules. They are the terrestrial sphere and the stand. The stand houses the main mechanism that sets the model in motion. The Globe is attached to the stand with the help of a central axis. They transmit a rotational movement to it from the main mechanism. It is interesting that the axis of the mechanical globe has the same inclination as the real axis of the Earth.

UGears Globe

A gift for you and loved

The Globe is made with love for all kind people on this planet. Make a gift to your loved one. You will want to take a beautiful and original model in your hands more than once. Then watch the movement of parts that float around the continents. And dream about the amazing corners of the planet that you are going to visit one day.

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The whole world is striving for peace and peaceful flights into space. And only terrorist russia fires at the peaceful cities of Ukraine with rockets that bring death and destruction. Russia launched 84 cruise missiles and 24 drones at Ukraine on Monday. terrorists ruined critical infrastructure facilities, mainly handling the energy supply. Several regions were left without power.

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