Dream Cabriolet VM-05. Attention to detail is a great result.

UGears Cabriolet

The best gift of the past

The fifties gave cars not only technological innovations. But also they gave us a unique, relevant and recognizable design. The Dream Cabriolet VM-05 is the most detailed mechanical construction set from Ugears designers. They have collected the best of the various cars released this decade into the model.

UGears Cabriolet

Maximum realism

Like most Ugears models, the Cabriolet is driven by a rubberband motor. The Cabriolet`s front wheels steer to set the direction of travel. And the cushioning of both wheelsets makes for a particularly smooth ride. While working on the model, the designers paid special attention to details. They tried to achieve maximum realism.

UGears Cabriolet

Few ideas

We’re sure you’ll notice power cranks and functional wipers, as well as a jack and tool kit under the rear trunk. Additionally, in the Dream Cabriolet, trunk and hood opening mechanisms are implemented. It is about such details that our friend Ryan writes in his new article. I suggest you sit back and enjoy a fascinating story about how to make the Cabriolet even more realistic thanks to one small but necessary detail. And that part is the windshield. Check it here https://bit.ly/3y1sMqZ

Tune in to your favorite retro wave. Make a gift for your friends and family. Embark on a delightful journey into the fifties.

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