The Ugears curvimeter adventure

UGears Curvimeter

Into the unknown

Back in the days before online maps and GPS navigators, explorers of faraway lands, travelers and romantic souls used good old-fashioned paper maps. How could one measure the distance on a map? After all, roads were not designed to be perfect straight lines. There were natural barriers, like mountains, rivers, ravines, forests. There were others, like someone’s properties, which could not be touched. When the scientists of old encountered this challenge, they came up with the device called the ‘curvimeter’, which Ugears recreated in a model bearing the same name.

UGears Curvimeter

Fun for the whole family

Assembling wooden models is a great activity bringing the family together. Unpack the colorful box containing neatly-stacked plywood boards with laser pre-cut parts of the curvimeter. Follow the detailed step-by-step instructions to create your own device. Simply place the Curvimeter wheel on the map and roll it along the route you intend to take. The distance will be displayed on the wheel. It is an original present which would suit anyone with an interest for engineering and mechanics.

UGears Curvimeter

Progress in assembling models

While being one of the easier models, the curvimeter can become your first step in the fascinating world of Ugears model kits. Visit to see the full range of DIY sets and educational toys for adults and children!

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