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Wooden puzzles for a girl

When looking for girl gifts there are certain rules that you need to follow that are quite universal for both boys and girls, such as basing your gift preference on the girl’s age, hobbies, favorite books or cartoon and movie characters. One of these universal rules, in particular, plays a great role in making this gift truly special. Just like children, we adults tend to cool down towards a new thing we just bought or a new gift that we rejoiced so much yesterday. Therefore, we are very familiar with this feeling, which children – and that is really not hard to imagine – experience to an even stronger extent. After all, wouldn’t you want to move on as quickly as you can, if you would come across something completely new and absolutely fascinating on an everyday basis? Thus, the golden rule of a universal gift for a girl or a boy is to choose the gift that will have the ability to hold the little one’s attention for long enough to make each game unique and exciting, and that will be bringing him or her joy for a long time. Such a gift has every chance to become much more than just a pleasant childhood memory and will turn into a real companion for all the kid’s ventures and games, as well as the envy its happy owner’s friends. Thus, one of the qualities to look for in a gift that will stay with the child longer is its educational value.

Educational toys for girls

Educational toys are one of the few gifts that fall into the category of universal. Both girls and boys love to explore, and what could be more fun than learning the wonders of the world through thoroughly designed toys and visual demonstrations of the basic principles of physics and other scientific disciplines. Children are using their active imaginations all the time in order to create games that make exploring the world around more fun. This is why it is important for toy manufacturers to remember what it is like being a kid and make toys that inspire children to move forward with their constant cognitive need.

To assist little girls in their cognitive quest, UGears regularly comes up with wooden 3D puzzles for girls that are both very practical and educational, but are also charming and delicate, which makes them a great element of décor for a girls room once the playtime is over.

All the wooden puzzles for girls by UGears are 100% eco-friendly as they are made out of natural plywood. They do not require any special tools or glue on any stage of their construction, making it possible for even the youngest children to easily assemble. The smooth wooden surface of each model makes it both enjoyable to build and play with. In addition, each set features a smart mechanical secret that will make your gift memorable, while providing each child with a hands-on demonstration of a simple principle of mechanics behind it.

We’ve put together a list of the most popular wooden puzzle gifts for girls of different ages.

1)    UGears Whale, Bear Cub, Bouquet, Cockerel and Rocking Horse

This beautiful set of 5 toys is a part of the UGears coloring models series, that stand out among all the other ones in our catalog due to the fact that it can be painted after assembly. The paint is not included, and there are no directions on which color to use, so children can really let their imagination flow with these sets. The models are suitable for children over 5, while an average assembly time for each element is 20 minutes, which is perfect for a child of this age not to lose interest and happily move to the most creative part – the painting process. There are boy and girl sets in the series as well as the unisex ones. This set includes wooden 3D puzzles with the biggest dimensions of 5.3”. Every little girl that receives this set as a gift will surely enjoy the way the teddy bear moves his paw to pick the guitar strings, the way the flowers in the bouquet turn, the way the rooster moves his wings, or the way water squirts from mama whale’s back as she is hugging her baby.

2)    UGears Flower

An ideal gift for a girl of 9 years old, the UGears Flower set is not what it seems at first. It might look like a delicate wooden flower that can be simply used for room décor, but in fact, it is a stylish and intricately designed mechanical jewelry box! Upon the twist of the key, the exquisite flower petals will open up to reveal a secret inside, which could be either a Ballerina or a Tree of Luck, depending on your or the lucky little girl’s who will be getting the Flower puzzle set as a gift, preference. Both of the figurines inside can be used for displaying earrings, pendants, and any other treasures a little girl would wish to keep hidden from everyone else. This wonderful set consists of 101 part and will take from 1 to 3 hours to assemble.

3)    UGears Theater

The UGears Theater set could become a great gift for a girl of 8 years old, and above. This unusual 3D puzzle provides characters and a stage and characters, creating an elegant setting for a fairy tale or a beautiful element of room decor.  Even more, the characters are set in motion by a set of gears that are equally fascinating to watch. Dragons castles, kings, and of course, princesses will captivate the imagination of even the most capricious princesses. With an estimated assembly time of 1 to 3 hours and 70 parts, it is a relatively easy 3D puzzle to built.

4) UGears Wheel-Organizer

The UGears Wheel-Organizer could become an ideal gift for the start of the school year or even as a celebration of a girl’s very first day at school. Consisting of 51 part it is suitable as a gift for a girl of 7 years and older. Bringing tabletop study accessories to a whole new level, this nautical-themed set is in fact a stationery organizer that can accommodate up to 6 pens or pencils. The key feature of the Wheel-Organizer is that it has a fully-functioning steering wheel that rotates the pencils and pens until the right one gets within the child’s easiest reach. This fun device is guaranteed to make evening homework hours more entertaining and comfortable and can be assembled within 1 to 3 hours, depending on the girl’s age.

5)    UGears Treasure Box

The UGears Treasure Box is a set that is intended for teenage girls due to its more complex structure and longer assembly time of 4 to 8 hours compared to other sets in this list. Nevertheless, once finished it turns into a beautiful box for jewelry, pocket money, or notes with secrets. It is a second jewelry box in the series, it has a more traditional exterior and design, and consist of 190 parts, which ranks the assembly process as ‘Hard’. If a girl is ready for a challenge like that, she definitely will not be disappointed by its result. The whimsical patterns and gears on the box hint at its hidden mechanical secret: with a turn of the key the lid elegantly slides back to reveal the specious inner storage. Moreover, the key can be hidden on the top cover of the box making it invisible for those who are not in the know.


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