The best 7 Christmas gifts for my boyfriend Series

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Some couples easily find gifts for each other, some struggle with every occasion, some find ways to make the search process easy for themselves and the present to be as desirable and memorable as they can. Dive into our comprehensive guide on the best ideas for Christmas presents for a boyfriend and never let the holiday season’s shopping frenzy get to you.

Whether you are here for one of the many Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend or the very first Christmas with boyfriend gift ideas, we’ve got you covered. The main thing that you need to establish about the gift you are going to give to your boyfriend is that it has to be multi-purpose, meaning that he can come back to it many days after he received it and this gift will still bring him the same joy as the very first time you handed it to him. How can this be possibly achieved? The key is to look into his interests, add some functionality, such as, for example, selecting a present that would help him engage in some sort of a useful brain activity or game, such as assembling a toy model, and, finally, to make the process of challenging and the result unique and beautiful.

The wooden 3D puzzle sets by UGears feature moving parts and mechanical elements that are exciting to assemble and are made only from natural wood. The sets are dedicated to a variety of subjects, including mechanical transport, animals, buildings, art, history, and technology. Each set comes with an illustrated catalog in 11 languages and the whole collection is divided into three difficulty categories by assembly time. Consequently, the ‘Hard’ sets take between 9 and 16 hours to assemble, while the ‘Easy’ and the ‘Intermediate’ ones will take only from 1 to 3 and from 4 to 8 hours respectively. Now let’s take a look at our Christmas gift for boyfriend guide.

Christmas gift for boyfriend ideas: the guide

1)      The UGears Deam Cabriolet VM-05 is a ‘Hard’-labeled set that is going to take between 9 and 16 hours of your time. The Dream Cabriolet is one of the UGears’ most stylish sets as it is paying tribute to one of the most famous and legendary vehicles ever made, the 1950s convertible. Opening doors, moving windshield wipers, reclining seats, and 3-step transmission are what makes this car model so jaw-droppingly accurate and gives it all the chances to become a centerpiece of his collection, whether he already has one or just starting it off with this amazing puzzle set.

2)      The UGears U-9 Grand Prix Car is an elegant and a fully-functioning tribute to the first race cars in history. This intricately-detailed model features a self-propelled rubber-band motor that is a replica of a real-life 16-valve V8 engine. The open design of the model reveals the moving valves, while the rubberized wheels allow it to move for up to 13 feet!

3)      The UGears Bike VM-02 is another stunning copy of a real-life legend. The motor with moving pistons and a high level of detail contributes to its life-like appearance, while the powerful rubber-band mechanism lets the bike travel on any even surface. And while the bike consists of fewer parts than the two previous puzzle sets, it could be a good beginner set for any motorcycle enthusiast.

4)      The UGears Locomotive is a nostalgic tribute to one of humanity’s most influential inventions – the steam train. This set boasts a fully-functioning rubber-band mechanism and a visible valve and piston system that embellishes the front of the Locomotive as it is rushing forward. The Locomotive is one of the more sophisticated sets in the UGears collection. It consists of almost 500 parts and is an absolute must-have for all train lovers.

5)      The UGears Hurdy-Gurdy is a historic musical instrument that your boyfriend can learn to play himself. And due to its elegant and historically accurate appearance, it could become a great present for both a musician and someone who takes an interest in history. The Hurdy-Gurdy has strings that require occasional tuning and buttons that create a unique sound of this Medieval-Europe’s favorite instrument. In addition, this puzzle set comes with a tablature!

6)      The UGears Card Holder is an ideal gift for a fan of board games, and more specifically, tabletop RPGs. This puzzle set’s design is inspired by the artwork of some of the most popular games, which helps create the right atmosphere during each game night. But the Card Holder also serves a practical purpose, as it helps clear space on the game table by keeping all the valuable and expensive cards inside and easy to carry around in a compact wooden container which is not bigger than a book. What is more, the Card Holder features a special lock mechanism that allows it to open in a dramatic manner to reveal the inner compartments that can accommodate up to 500 cards, every one of which slides from underneath one another.

7)      The UGears Trimaran Merihobus is another set in the ‘Hard’ category which has one of the most realistic amount of detail, from fully-operational sail booms to an automatic-tensioning mechanism that allows the anchor to drop. The skeleton-like design makes this set light while at the same time helping reveal the inner work of its mechanisms. This is an extremely stylish set that could become an excellent element of decor for any home or office and measures up to 16.1” x 9.1”x 22” when assembled.

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