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Moving wooden toys

Jigsaw puzzles are a great example of a toy that brings learning and fun together. Their history illustrates that almost like no other one: appearing in Europe in the 1760s, the first puzzles were simply maps carved on wood and then cut into small pieces. John Spilsbury is credited for coming up with this idea, that not only helped children to get hands-on access to studying Geography by not only reading books and studying maps on paper but also passed the test of time by evolving and adapting to make it onto our living room tables and into our family evenings.

Wooden 3D puzzles from UGears take a step even further:  based on the same principles as jigsaw puzzles that we all know and love, these puzzles do not require the use of glue or special tools during the process of their assembly. Made from 100% natural plywood, all UGears wooden toys with moving parts are pleasant to the touch, and eco-friendly, which is one of the at least top 5 qualities that you should look for in a toy for a child nowadays. Being 3D, these puzzles allow for a wider range of activities, from simply being able to carry them around to building a game around them, taking them outside, or turning them into a stylish element of décor.

Making moving wooden toys with their own hands is a great way for children to learn about patience and diligence. Needless to say, this is a form of activity that will help kids build their confidence and help expand their creative boundaries. The assembly process, which can sometimes be challenging, but is never boring, also contributes an emotional bond with the toy of the child’s own creation, which will guarantee that he or she will be getting back to that toy over and over again, saving parents and other close relatives some money and long trips to toy stores.

3D puzzles as ideal educational toys

A signature element to every UGears puzzle set is a basic mechanical principle behind every wooden toy. From secret latches and delicate gear mechanisms to complex little steam and V-8 engine copies, high-grade natural wood materials of every toy prove to be sturdy enough to withstand a long walk in the park or a long weekend of play and fun with friends and family. Moving wooden toys plans that are included into each set allow children to organize their assembly time accordingly.

The success of teaching children about mechanics is a matter of choosing the right toy for the right age and the quality of materials that are used to demonstrate these basic laws of physics. This is why all moving wooden toys by UGears can be easily divided into categories by age and assembly difficulty level. The assembly time for these sets varies from 1 to 3 and 4 to 8 hours for easy and intermediate levels and depends on the number of parts and the child’s age.

Below is a selection of the best wooden moving toys by UGears that have been designed to be perfect illustrations of laws of mechanics and have everything it takes to become one of the favorite toys in your child’s collection.

UGears Dynamometer

The UGears Dynamometer is a great toy that demonstrates the way air pressure can be transformed into motion. The principle behind this wooden toy is a mechanical junction, also known as the Geneva drive: when a child blows into the model’s top gears, they start moving and spinning an arrow that points at one of the activities listed on the wheel that is facing forward and resembling the face of a clock. It is one of the easiest models to assemble and a good way to introduce a child to the world of physics and fun mechanical toys.

UGears Locomotive and Rails

But enough with the serious stuff, the UGears Locomotive and Rails is an intermediate-level set, which means that it will take from 4 to 8 hours to assemble it, and it can become a perfect gift for a preteen. The set features a locomotive with a little copy of a steam engine, a crossing sign with moving gates. Another similar set has a wonderful vintage train station with an astonishing detail that comes together with the aforementioned toys. In addition, the train’s engine is on display, which allows children to watch all the valves and pistons in action, as the locomotive is moving forward along the 13ft of tracks included in the set.

UGears Roadster VM-01

A wooden copy of a legendary vintage car, this UGears Roadster VM-01 set is a charming wooden toy that can travel as far as 13 ft and takes from 4 to 8 hours to assemble. This model features many moving parts, including an opening hood that covers an 8-cylinder self-propelled engine with moving valves, as well as a fully-functional moving steering wheel, and opening doors. Another great feature of this toy is an automatic transmission that allows the Roadster to go in reverse, forward and be put in neutral.

UGears Wheel-Organizer

The UGears Wheel-Organizer is a very practical toy as its main purpose is to serve as a stationary holder. It would be a great tabletop decoration for a room in a naval theme and a great gift to celebrate the start of a school year. The storage can accommodate up to 6 pens or pencils, while a steering wheel which is a tiny copy of a steering wheel on a pirate vessel or a valiant sea explorer’s ship, rotates the stand to move pens and pencils around. Suitable for children of 7 years old and above, this set takes 1 to 3 hours to assemble.

UGears Mechanical Theater

The Mechanical Theater set by UGears could not only become an elegant gift for a little girl but also a valuable present for all vintage wooden moving toys lovers. Dating back to the 18th century, mechanical theaters created a real uproar and quickly spread all over Europe, revolutionizing theater and becoming a real fascination for children and adults for years to come. Featuring dragons, princesses, witches, kings, jesters, and castles, the scenes of this mechanical theater are set in motion with the help of an intricate gear mechanism that is openly displayed, letting the mysterious mechanisms of a fairytale unravel right in front of you. This wooden puzzle’s assembly time is 1 to 3 hours and it is suitable for children of 7 years old and above.

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