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One can argue whether they prefer receiving Christmas gifts to any other gifts, but no one can deny the struggle of finding one. Looking for a present for people that are especially important in your life is truly one of the biggest challenges we have to face in terms of making other people happy and demonstrating our appreciation to them. An additional difficulty comes from the fact that some people are better at giving presents, while others, well, they prefer receiving them.  If you are looking for a perfect gift for him this Christmas, regardless whether he is your friend, boyfriend, husband, or father, and regardless whether you are the first, the giving, type or the second, the receiving one, there is a strategy that will help you find that special Christmas gift for him.

First of all, focus on the gifts that will bring something new to his life, and not just something that he will simply set aside and forget about within a week or a month. Surprisingly enough, this could be something that goes in line with his current interests and, at the same time, something that he has never done before, like a new and exciting hobby. Both options work because he is guaranteed to spend more time enjoying and interacting with the gift, which makes it valuable and memorable. Secondly, try to find something that he will come back to over and over again, which means that the gift should be multi-purpose to keep him interested and let him truly enjoy every aspect of it. And at last, try to reflect his interests in this gift. You don’t necessarily have to get something strictly within the hobby category or a subject matter of what he loves the most. Sometimes giving him something that is close to what he is fond of in general is the best way to go, as it opens new possibilities. For example, if he loves vintage cars, you can get him a highly-detailed model of a vintage car. What if on top of that, that model would have a fully-operational motor that will allow it to move on its own and that special man in your life would be able to assemble it on his own?

Wooden 3D puzzles by UGears will open a magical world of mechanical transport, animals, buildings, art, history, and technology for him this Christmas while ticking all of the aforementioned boxes for the perfect Xmas gift ideas for him.

Christmas gift ideas for him: the guide

All UGears puzzles are made from high-grade plywood and do not require glue, screwdrivers or any other tools during their assembly. Each part comes pre-cut and comes out of its wooden frame with ease. Parts are joined together with the help of little fixtures, much like the pieces of jigsaw puzzles. For your convenience, the sets are split into 3 difficulty categories: from ‘Easy’ to ‘Hard’. Each category has limits in terms of a number of parts and assembly time. This means that the ‘Easy’ sets, for example, take between 1 and 3 hours to assemble, while the ‘Hard’ ones will require between 9 and 16 hours of his time. And if he can spend this time with his family, friends, or you, building an interesting model, there is a great potential for warm and long-lasting Christmas memories.

We have divided our guide into two parts by price, which means that all you have to do now is to decide which subject he will find the most appealing.

Christmas gifts for him under $50

The UGears Grand Prix Car with a stunning 16-valve engine and a recognizable vintage look would look stunning on the shelf in his living room or on the desk in his office. Being able to assemble this set will not only bring him joy during the process but will allow him to boast his diligence and attention to detail as this set consists of over 400 parts and takes between 4 to 8 hours to assemble. The elegant lines of this model copy the ones of its real-life prototype, which makes this set a great gift for vintage car fans, while its 8-cylinder self-propelled motor with moving valves and an automatic transmission system will definitely be appreciated by all car enthusiasts. This miniature copy of a legendary roadster can cover up to 13 feet in a single setting of its windup motor.

UGears Bike VM-02 that is ready to rush through the dusty desert road any minute is a perfect combination of a realistic form and a powerful and functioning mechanism. Featuring the visible shifting pistons of the motor and a rubber-band engine, this model can travel for up to 10 feet.

Christmas gifts for him over $50

The UGears Hurdy-Gurdy is a perfect gift for a musician and everyone who is interested in musical history because it is a fully-operational ancient musical instrument, the history of which dates back as early as the 11th Century A. D.  Its modern form that is the closest to this ingeniously-ornamented wooden masterpiece originated from the 16th Century France, where this instrument peaked in popularity as the loyal companion of street musicians. This wooden  Hurdy-Gurdy replica features strings that need to be tuned and a set of buttons which altogether create the unique violin-and-bagpipe-like sound of the real Hurdy-Gurdy.

The UGears Locomotive is a captivating steam train replica with an exposed valve-piston engine and is one of the most stunning UGears sets with almost 500 parts and boasting a ‘Hard’ assembly difficulty level. Boasting an open exterior this set can cover up to 13 feet in a single setting of its wind-up wooden motor that is set inside it next to an immaculately-detailed Victorian-era engineer’s cabin with a retractable step ladder and a boiler trim.

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