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Corporate gifts

Looking for the best gifts in the business sphere might easily be among the hardest tasks compared to other challenges that we regularly face as the big occasion approaches when it has to do with our lives off work. The underlying explanation for that might be within the concept of a corporate gift itself. Unlike gifts to our loved ones, like parents or significant other, corporate gifts are not based on the expression of emotional attachment and thus follow a different set of rules.

As we have already established, corporate gifts cannot be viewed within the traditional paradigm. The most obvious reasons for giving corporate gifts would be to remind partners or clients about your company, increase client loyalty, and strengthen the existing partnerships. However, this is not the exhausting list and it is not likely to give us good guidance in the search for the best corporate gifts.

Universal corporate gifts as a key element of a successful business strategy

There are two basic types of corporate gifts: gifts inside the company, or corporate gifts for employees, and outside-the-company gifts, for example, corporate logo gifts that are targeted at partners and customers.

The key element that unites both groups is that both should be universal enough to be equally well-received by people with different hobbies and interests. Puzzles are a great example of a universal gift like that. Being a great workout for the brain, they help us improve our problem-solving skills, which is definitely one of the most sought-after skills at any workplace, train our memory, help us gain confidence by getting a sense of accomplishment once a puzzle is solved, and so on. But traditional jigsaw puzzles are quite boring, even though they might be a perfect canvas for your company colors, team picture, or logo.

Wooden 3D puzzles by UGears have borrowed the best traits from traditional jigsaw puzzles, that being the fact that they are made of wood, cover a wide range of subjects and do not need any special tools to be assembled, including glue. What they can offer on top of that is that they are 3D which not only makes them more exciting to build but also easy to carry around, as well as keep on your office table and show off to coworkers (especially if it was a set within the ‘Hard’ assembly category). But the signature element to all UGears wooden puzzle sets is that they all feature a moving part or a mechanical element. From fully-functioning table clocks to tiny copies of the powerful V-8 configuration engine combined with a working transmission in car wooden models, UGears puzzles can become truly unique corporate gifts that would please both your employees and your business partners.

Let’s take a closer look at the key goals behind giving corporate gifts and the ways in which wooden 3D puzzles for adults by UGears can help your company with reaching these goals.

Main goals that corporate gifts should meet

  • Showcase company values. When it comes to corporate gifting companies nowadays tend to express what they stand for not only within their marketing strategy but also through their corporate gifts. There are certain values that the majority of companies would like to be associated with, one of them being high quality of their service or product. UGears puzzle sets are 100% eco-friendly and are made from high-grade plywood that guarantees that they will last longer and will promote your company’s passion for high standards. The pleasant bonus is the unmatched aroma of natural wood that would strike the lucky person upon opening the package.
  • As an element of a team-building strategy. The UGears U-Fidget-Tribiks Vehicles would make great corporate team gifts that are not too big and can be used as keychains or as must-have office toys that are perfect for relieving anxiety, stress or would help to stay focused. These fidgets are smaller and cover a variety of topics: from cars and aircraft to Christmas ornaments. Each item is the same size and they are exactly what you want as a bulk gift for a big crowd.
  • Raise brand awareness. Corporate gifts should be a reminder for recipients of the benefits they will be getting from their partnership with your company. They are also a good way of reminding about yourself. If your company is dealing with transport or logistics, select any of UGears transport sets, such as, for example, the UGears Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 set or the UGears Tugboat set for personalized business gifts for top management or most valuable customers.
  • Celebrate a big date. Bigger wooden puzzle sets could make great personalized retirement or birthday gifts, while the UGears U-Fidgets Gearsmas sets that are similar to the afore mentioned U-Fidget-Tribiks Vehicles could become ideal business Christmas gifts. Small and covering a variety of topics they are company gifts to employees you are looking for if your priority is quantity.
  • Bring back a customer. We all know that within a competitive business environment, anything can happen. What could be a better way to make up for your mistakes than the UGears Treasure Box with an elegantly detailed exterior and a sliding cover mechanism for a woman or the UGears Dream Cabriolet VM-05, a copy of a vintage legend of the automotive industry with a fully-functioning rubber-band engine and transmission, for a man.
  • Single out a partner or a customer. For this delicate purpose of searching for corporate thank you gifts and similar corporate gift items, we recommend taking a closer look at the UGears Butterfly set for women and the UGears Timer set for men as they could both become a beautiful and elegant table decoration. Larger sets like these would be ideal for more personalized business gifts for your key partners or as personalized employee appreciation gifts.
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