Wooden mechanical 3D puzzles

Dragon 01

Best for adults and kids

We live in a modern world of toys and conundrums. And it is very hard to find something that adults will like. Moreover, this is even more true for kids. Advent of gadgets and other electronic devices has complicated the problem of choice to much. While choosing a present for children, parents pay their attention to some products. They should be under the following criteria: environmental friendliness, endurance, safety, quality and uniqueness. Also, value for money is very important for adults. It is like the uniqueness of a chosen toy. If you think that it is impossible to find such toy, you are mistaken.

Wooden mechanical 3D puzzles - UGears USA 1

Individual kits for sparing the time

Ugears is ready to break stereotypes! For years we have been producing unique mechanical 3D puzzles. In addition, they are made of high-quality plywood. Several levels of difficulty, wide range and reasonable prices will pleasantly surprise you. You can choose something individual. Some which reflects your interests. Because exactly these kits will bring you joy in the process of creation. Wooden puzzle kits will substitute gadgets and make good use of your spare time.

Wooden mechanical 3D puzzles - UGears USA 2

Your own Dragon

The ancient and wise beast that protects endless treasures. Yes, this is exactly how we see our new unique kit. This mechanical 3D beast that is ready to win your hearts! An unsurpassed model that deserves your special attention.
The dragon has all features of distinctive wing bones. They are produced from wood, as well as the rest of its body. The other part of the wings is made of thick paper decorated with feathers. Using paper allow the model to look maximally realistic in motion. Due to the light material, wings float more smoothly.

Wooden mechanical 3D puzzles - UGears USA 3

Bring it to life

The model is of average level of difficulty. So, an assembly will take nearly 6 hours. You can bring the magic beast to life with the key placed on its chest. Jiggle the key clockwise several times. Then press the start lever. Now the beast is revival. Its heart will start beating again. It’s a great present. It could be strung up or installed on a stand. In either case, the model will look fantastic and very realistic.

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