Halloween: interesting history and traditions of the holiday

Halloween: interesting history and traditions of the holiday - UGears USA 1

Halloween is traditionally celebrated on the night from 31 October to 1 November. This night is also known as ‘All Saints’ Eve’. There is a legend that evil spirits visit our world that night. But we have a way to protect ourselves from them! We must wear creepy clothing. And another way is to put a pumpkin with a carved dreadful face and a burning candle inside on your sill. Also, these lights made of pumpkins are called Jack-o’-lanterns.

History of the celebration

The history of the celebration began in Pre-Christian epoch. It was the time of Celts. They lived in the areas of modern-day Ireland, Northern France and England. They had only 2 seasons. And they were winter and summer. According to the traditions, Celts finished collecting all the harvest on the 31 October. And the New year started on that day. Also, this day was the start of the winter season. And this change also was like a shift from the light part of the year to the dark one. In honor of this, Celts organized the festival.

‘Trick or treat’ is how candies are being demanded. It is one more Halloween’s tradition. And it appeared quite recently, in 16th century. It’s exactly when not only children but adults too put on different masks and walk from one house to another looking for candies. But thematic clothing and Jack-o’-lanterns became popular only at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Halloween traditions

Celts believed that on this day evil spirits passed the barrier and got into our world. They thought they had only one way to save themselves and to frighten evil spirits. So, people put on scary waring and put out their fireplaces. Apart from that, there was one more tradition. And it was to tell fortunes and sacrifice animals on this day. Also, people brought a divine flame home and lit the winter fireplace.

In the modern world, Halloween traditions have partially survived. People still put on costumes. But there is the only difference. Nowadays they are not so scary but more interesting. A human head carved from a pumpkin is popular too. The candles must be placed inside. The tradition of begging for candies also remained popular. Children put on their costumes and walk from one house to another, shouting ‘Trick or treat!’

Halloween: interesting history and traditions of the holiday - UGears USA 2

How to decorate your house for Halloween?

To have a great holiday you need to create a special atmosphere. You can do it for yourself or/and people around. If you are going to celebrate at home, you need to decorate it inside and outside. But, if you have no idea how to decorate your house, don`t worry. We are here to help you. Here are some pieces of advice:

  • Don’t forget about a pumpkin it is the main symbol of the holiday. It could be the shape of a human head. Or it can stand intact on the windowsill. It doesn`t matter. It is important to present a pumpkin in the interior of the house.
  • You can use spiders, bats, and even spiderwebs. It will make your house look scary! Bats can be attached or painted on the wall. And the spiderweb can be made of gauze and hang up in the corners of the house.
  • Natural materials will also help you. You can use leaves and branches, pumpkin parts, or other materials. The main thing is your imagination!

Don`t forget about DIY ideas!

We have already mentioned above that you can use spiders to decorate your house. But, we have a really great idea. And it is to assemble it with your own hands! We present you the HEXAPOD EXPLORER from UGears. The model has a distinctive unique design. It is simple and compact. This model is a wooden spider. And with all that, it doesn’t have any electronic components. This ‘spider’ can move at different speeds, depending on your wish! When the spider stops moving, you can pick it up and observe its legs. They are like real spider’s legs. Isn’t that unique?

The unique mechanical 3D puzzle consists of 388 parts. It has an average level of difficulty. An assembly of the model will take you approximately 8 hours. The model has a powerful spring that puts it in motion. For better adhesion on soft surfaces, there are some cushions for the spider’s legs. To start an internal spring, you will need the key. And it is located on the abdomen of the spider.

Halloween: interesting history and traditions of the holiday - UGears USA 3

One more great option for Halloween

HEXAPOD EXPLORER  has one more unique thing. And it is that this model can move on uneven surfaces. Moreover, it can overcome a step-up of 1-2 centimeters. To assemble this model, you won’t need any glue or other tools. You need just to use the instruction and your enthusiasm.

The model will be a great option for a Halloween present. We are sure that if you have someone who is interested in mechanics and loves nature or different insects, then you need to purchase Ugears HEXAPOD EXPLORER!  An assembly of the construction set helps to improve your intellectual abilities, logic, attentiveness, and fine motor skills. During the process of assembly, you study the main laws and principles of mechanics. In addition, you immerse in the world of biology and nature.  Step by step you are getting closer to your goal. Finally, your wooden spider is ready! With an easy movement of the hand, you put it in motion. And now it is ready to fight. But be careful if you have cats at home. Movements of our HEXAPOD EXPLORER are so realistic that your favorite pet may take it for real.


UGears model kits are a great option for those who want to spend a good time with family or friends. Also, they are ideal for spending the time pleasantly. Create interesting things together. And then relish the results of your work. And we, in turn, will invent new and unique models to make you happy again!