Why we need gift giving, and how useful it is from a scientific point of view

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Dopamine activity

Nowadays gift exchange is a way to create and strengthen social links. Psychologists claim that the expression of gratitude positively impacts our emotional state. While presenting a gift, we experience positive emotions and strengthen our relationships.

These points are confirmed by the results of neurophysiological studies. Scientists from the National Institutes of Health have joined with their colleagues. And then they conducted worldwide research among the people who both gave and received presents. In both cases, the brain areas responsible for a ‘reward system’ were the most active ones. These areas of the brain influence your mood, as they relate to dopamine activity. When these centers are active, we stay in a good mood as long as possible. Such studies show us that we greatly appreciate giving and receiving gifts.

Receive or give?

However, we gain a lot more by giving gifts than by receiving them. It has to do with pleasure. Each time the event is repeated, we get less pleasure. This concept has a scientific name: “hedonic adaptation”. Expectations to get are higher after every “pleasure moment”. And, finally, the feeling of happiness almost disappears. Through research, the psychologists noticed that feeling of happiness didn’t disappear at all when the participants were giving presents, not receiving them. To sum it up, to be happy, it is important to give gifts and share.

The best gift

But giving gifts is not as easy as it may seem. When choosing a gift to buy, most people depend on the exclusivity and the originality of an item. Whereas when they receive a gift, the same people tend to value something practical and not necessarily expensive. During some research, it was noticed that the cost of the gift is not of great importance for a buyer. It is a common mistake that the more expensive the present is, the better. Far from it. In real life, the price is not a decisive factor.

There is nothing more important than the demonstration of your care. This fact is confirmed by scientists. On Christmas Eve try to express your gratitude to all people who helped and stood by you. There is no reason to buy costly presents. You can just have a family evening and thank all your relatives. Doubtlessly, such a small but lovely gesture will strengthen your relationships far better than any expensive presents.

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One more great idea

For those who are close to you and to whom you would like to express your gratitude, “Ugears” have prepared 3D puzzle kits: a wonderful idea for a present. Such a present will be appealing to kids and adults alike. The process of assembly is very interesting, developing the mind and entertaining at the same time. There are many advantages to every single model. “Ugears” model kits are made of hypoallergenic materials, so they don’t cause any allergic reactions. You can visit our website www.ugearsmodels.us to choose a present for your beloved ones. And now let’s talk about 3 very interesting models in detail!


Yes! Yes! Yes! You heard it correctly, it is the most anticipated model that so many “Ugears” fans have been waiting for. This unique mechanical clock with a weighted pendulum demonstrates the precision of the gears. It is not a toy, but a real clock which you can mount on the wall once you have assembled it. This model displays the precision of engineering and has its unique features.

This beautiful, original, and unique model will be a great option to make good use of your spare time. If you enjoy everything related to mechanics, modeling, clocks, and research, then this model is for you! Assembling this model, you will understand the clock mechanism and learn its working principles. Get immersed in the world of mechanics together with our clock and relish the result afterward!

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Hurdy-Gurdy is one of the very first musical construction sets in the world. This puzzle kit is a real sensation! The construction set is intended for playing musical melodies. The model can produce various melodies: contemporary music, folk rhythms, and even medieval motifs.

The mechanism is complicated, although it is easy to play. To get the music flowing, the player just needs to crank the handle with one hand while using the other hand’s fingers to push the buttons with notes on them. The hull is designed in romantic style with the use of lacy decoration. Assembling this model, you will get a lot of pleasure and the result will take you by surprise. What can be better than listening to melodies and relishing the rhythms of the instrument assembled with your own hands?


This model is the main symbol of the Industrial Revolution which reflects all the beauty and magnificence of that period. The Locomotive’s movements are fascinating and allow us to understand the whole mechanism. It is a near-precise miniature copy of a real locomotive.

There is a locking hatch for coal supply and drop sides. The V-Express Steam Train with Tender runs on a rubber-band operating motor and is capable of carrying some additional cargo, which can be small items such as your favorite candies.

The process of assembly will engage you so much that you will get immersed in the world of mechanics. You will feel like a real mechanic, capable of creating a functioning masterpiece of a train!

UGears best gifts

All “Ugears” models are assembled without using any glue or other tools. There is also a color manual, which will help you.

A few last words

It is always nice to receive presents, even if they are not of great significance. The feeling of gratitude fills us, and we open our hearts to love and empathy. Giving presents is even more enjoyable as if your friend is happy, you also are!