How did the tradition of placing presents under the Christmas tree begin?

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Christmas is coming, so each one of us starts to wonder what gifts to choose for our relatives. We put a part of our soul and heart in those presents, so that our relatives will surely like them. Christmas is a great occasion to get together and feel some warmth in your heart.

But when did the tradition of giving gifts appear? In ancient times, when people just invented talismans and charms, they started exchanging presents. It was a gesture of respect and gratitude. There were talismans in every house: people kept them in order to avoid various disasters and ward off evil spirits. Nowadays, this tradition has changed slightly. We present talismans only as souvenirs. When Christianity began to spread across Europe, people started exchanging gifts during Christmas holidays. That is how the new tradition appeared. This tradition symbolizes the magi – the wise men who offered their gifts to baby Jesus. According to the Eastern traditions, a person about to see the king was supposed to bring him some gifts. This is why the magi brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh to Jesus.

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Nowadays, we put Christmas presents under a tree and no one ever wonders how this tradition appeared. The Christmas tree has always symbolized living in the midst of winter. While celebrating the New Year, ancient Romans decorated their houses with tree branches. Inhabitants of northern Europe used to take a different approach: they cut trees and planted them into pots. However, the Christmas tree didn’t become a symbol of presents at once. The tradition of giving gifts is considered to have appeared in ancient Rome. It was directly related to the winter solstice days, which were always celebrated. Sometimes, presents were given anonymously. The Danes wrapped presents in multiple layers of packaging, noting the names of recipients. Only after removing the package was it possible to figure out who the present was for.

However, in 1841 the English Queen Victoria and her husband King Albert placed a Christmas tree in their house and decorated it with some toys in order to amuse their children. Starting from that moment, the Christmas tree became a symbol of presents.

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What should a present be like?

In order to present a memorable and useful gift, you need to choose it with your heart and soul. Don’t pick some standard presents. Why don’t you try to surprise your relative? Undoubtedly, you can find something special and unique. Choosing gifts may sometimes be exhausting, but if you present your relatives with memorable gifts, you will get their sincere gratitude. Isn’t that the best reward?

In order to choose the right presents, you need to act in a thoughtful manner, as it may be difficult to guess what your beloved ones want.  Nowadays, there is a wide range of interesting presents, but what to choose? Ugears will help you and present our best wooden puzzle kits. All the models are made of high-quality materials and have a unique design. We put a great deal of love and care into each model, in order for you to please your loved ones with an unsurpassed gift.

Here are some models that you’ll definitely like.

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This model is a wooden clock that shows an accurate time and is also a symbol of precise engineering. Our team of dedicated Ugears engineers and designers has been working hard to bring this shared dream into reality. Finally, the wait is over. Ugears is proud to present the Aero Clock, a fully-functioning wall clock with a pendulum. One interesting feature of our Aero Clock is that time is not read with rotating hands on a clock face, as it happens in an ordinary clock, but rather a fixed pointer indicates time on the slowly-rotating, numbered hour and minute discs.  In the role of ‘cuckoo’, the Ugears Aero Clock features a hot air balloon. The balloon rapidly descends when the hour strikes, then slowly rises again over the course of the next hour.



We are glad to introduce you to the Ugears Hexapod Explorer: part insect, part robot, part extraterrestrial rover. Driven by a powerful spring motor, this unusual spider can walk up to 3 meters just on its own legs.  Another amazing feature that makes our walker unique is that the Hexapod Explorer comes with a variable speed dial. You can make it move at any speed you want!

This construction set will definitely take your beloved ones by surprise. Simplicity, intelligence and beauty – these are appropriate words to describe this model that may become a perfect gift for lovers of robotics. Why don’t you make good use of your time? Let’s assemble the interesting construction set and learn the main principles of mechanics together with Hexapod Explorer!

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Do you want to immerse the whole family in the assembly? Then we recommend that you pay attention to the UGears mechanical Marble Run Chain Hoist model. You might have seen it on YouTube, but now you will assemble one with your own hands and the impressions will be brighter! Just imagine a marble moving on the track, overcoming all the obstacles. If you want to have more fun, you are free to place your bets and watch the exciting movements of the marbles!

You have a unique opportunity to participate in the exciting race and embark on a journey with obstacles. Marble Run Stepped Hoist isn’t just beautiful, but solid. Tracks, beautiful marbles, complex obstacles hypnotize you so much, that it is hard to turn away. This model is a great way to receive pleasure from the assembly process and to immerse your relatives in such an activity!

Let’s bring joy to your beloved ones together with ! Our models will be a great present for all ages and preferences. It doesn’t matter who you want to give the present to. Be it your child or your mother, our smart presents will pleasantly surprise everyone!