Fine motor skills: not only for children but for adults


The situation from the inside

We often hear about the necessity of developing children’s fine motor skills. It helps to improve concentration, accuracy, speech, etc.  but it is important not only for children. It is important for everyone.

The main idea of “motor skills” is focused on hands and feet. Because If these muscles are damaged you can`t do even the easiest actions such as holding the pen. And fine motor skills mean the nice work of nervous, muscle, skeletal and visual systems.

Fine motor skills: not only for children but for adults - UGears USA 1


Benefits for the brain

And what are the reasons for our development?

  • Our brain becomes active. While stimulating several parts of the brain, we encourage it to process the information quickly.
  • We develop and improve our imagination. And it is responsible for thinking and developing creative skills.
  • If anyone has lost their verbal aptitude, exercises come to help. Nerve endings on the hands carry impulses to the brain. Due to this, the speech center activates.

Development of adults’ fine motor skills

Usually, people remember about adults’ fine motor skills only when the ability to speak or motor activity was lost after the brain injury. But don’t forget that it is also useful for healthy people. You can develop your brain and improve your productivity. Here are some tips on how to make good use of your spare time:


Draw whatever you want, even if you are not a professional artist. The main thing is the ability to hold a pencil and regular practice. If drawing is not for you, try to write something by hand every day.

Finger gymnastics

Memory and concentration improvement is a result of simple exercises. For example, flexing the fingers. Exercises like these contribute to the more efficient performance of various tasks for which there seemed to be no answers.


Recently, handicrafts have become very popular. Moreover, it has become popular with men. Now a person who knits or sews is a common thing. By doing this, you will improve your memory, accuracy, and patience. You also develop your fingers.

Musical instruments

Music by itself has a beneficial effect on our brain. But what if you combine business with pleasure and try to learn how to play, for example, the violin or guitar? You will need well-developed fingers for this, so why not start now?


You can greatly develop your brain by assembling different types of models. So don’t forget about puzzles.

Ugears creates unique mechanical wooden models that will delight both adults and children. Our wooden models allow adults to have fun and make use of them. During the assembly process, your hands are constantly used. You will also improve your attentiveness and memory. Most of the buyers of Ugears products are elderly people, which means that our products are interesting and very beneficial for the brain and its development. The Ugears lineup is so wide that you will find what you like! We present to you one of the new products that you should pay attention to.

Fine motor skills: not only for children but for adults - UGears USA 2


UGEARS AERO WALL CLOCK is a wall clock with a pendulum. It’s a unique model, which you can assemble with your own hands and hang on the wall at home. The key feature of the clock is that time is shown not with the help of hands (as in an ordinary clock), but with an indicator that is fixed and points at the numbers. You can assemble the construction set either on your own or with your relatives. The latter is better because you create not just a beautiful model, but a clock that will work and bring you joy.

To assemble the 320-piece model, you won’t need any glue or other tools. All you need is your desire! There is an instruction with which you will create your favorite construction set!


The last words

We hope that this article helps you choose the right type of activity that will give you pleasure and satisfaction!